Andre Holland to Co-Star in Passing Cast Alongside Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson

Andre Holland to co-star in Passing
Andre Holland to co-star in Passing
Andre Holland to co-star in Passing cast alongside Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson.

Passing is a film adaptation based Nella Larsen’s 1929 Harlem Renaissance novel. The novel explored the practice of racial passing, a term used for a person classified as a member of one racial group who seeks to be accepted by – and as – a different racial group.

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Here’s a full synopsis of the novel:

Clare Kendry is living on the edge. Light-skinned, elegant, and ambitious, she is married to a racist white man unaware of her African American heritage and has severed all ties to her past after deciding to “pass” as a white woman. Clare’s childhood friend, Irene Redfield, just as light-skinned, has chosen to remain within the African American community and is simultaneously allured and repelled by Clare’s risky decision to engage in racial masquerade for personal and societal gain. After frequenting African American-centric gatherings together in Harlem, Clare’s interest in Irene turns into a homoerotic longing for Irene’s black identity that she abandoned and can never embrace again, and she is forced to grapple with her decision to pass for white in a way that is both tragic and telling.

Rebecca Hall is directing Passing in her feature film directorial debut. The movie will follow the unexpected reunion of two high school friends, Clare Kendry (Negga) and Irene Redfield (Thompson), whose renewed acquaintance ignites a mutual obsession that threatens both of their carefully constructed realities.

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Hall also penned the screenplay, which is being produced by Margot Hand of Picture Films, Nina Yang Bongiovi, and Forest Whitaker. Margot Hand of Picture Films and Oren Moverman of Sight Unseen producing. Angela Robinson will serve as executive producer.

Holland’s role has yet to be defined. You can catch him next in The Eddy, an upcoming Netflix series from Oscar-winner Damien Chazelle. He most recently appeared in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time and the Hulu series Castle Rock, based on the Stephen King novel.

Thompson was last seen in the attempted reboot of the hit sci-fi action-comedy franchise Men in Black: International, which received negative reviews from critics and audiences and poor box office receipts, and the epic comic book blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Negga, who is best known for her work as a lead star on AMC’s adaptation of Preacher, was also recently seen on the big screen in the sci-fi thriller Ad Astra alongside Brad Pitt.

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