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Christmas Movie Countdown: 21 Holiday Films to Watch

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Christmas Movie Countdown: 30 Holiday Films to Watch

Thanksgiving is over so you can officially begin your Christmas countdown without feeling guilty.


And there is no better way to get you in the Christmas spirit than with holiday films. From the romantic comedies to the lewd comedies, these are the best movies to get our spirits pumping.

Check out the 21 holiday films to watch as you countdown to Christmas.

Friday After Next

Whether you had a house full or not this Thanksgiving weekend, why not kick off our 21 holiday films to watch list with something funny like ‘Friday After Next.’ The last installment of the Friday franchise (thus far) still has us doubling over in laughter as Craig (Ice Cube) and his cousin Day Day (Mike Epps) try to come up with a way to pay their rent in 24 hours after getting robbed by Santa.

The Last Holiday

We’re always told to never take our family for granted but what about our own lives. Get a friendly reminder to live your life to the fullest and follow your dreams with the help of LL Cool J and Queen Latifah

Perfect Holiday

The holidays are all about love and family and in this cute romantic comedy that’s exactly what Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union blend together.

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The Preacher’s Wife

Between Christmas spirit and Christmas miracles, this holiday is all about the magic that surrounds it, which is why ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ is the perfect film for you and your family to watch.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol

Even Scrooge needs love too, especially during the holidays. Take a musical journey with Vanessa Williams as Ebony Scrooge, a wicked singer who gets a wake-up call ahead of her performance at a Christmas charity in ‘A Diva’s Christmas’

This Christmas

You have eye candy, a great storyline, and the creation of one of the best Christmas remakes in recent years. That’s just three reasons as to why This Christmas is one of the best holiday films to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Holiday Heart

Seeing Ving Rhames as a transgender and Alfre Woodard as a crackhead doesn’t seem like a holiday-spirited film but it is.

Best Man Holiday

We can’t promise you won’t cry nor can we promise that you will laugh hysterically but we can promise you will fall in love with the ‘Best Man’ cast all over again. Despite the sequel being over 10 years later it was created perfectly and puts you in a nostalgic holiday spirit.

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The Kid Who Loved Christmas

The holidays are all about family and ‘The Kid Who Loved Christmas’ teaches us that those who you call family doesn’t have to necessarily be blood-related. Family is what you make it and who you fight for in this feel-good holiday film.

Bad Santa

There is nothing really spirited about this film besides the season it takes place in and the spirits the characters indulge. However while this Santa is not one you’d hope swoops down your chimney, he still finds a way to show off his kinder side.

Jingle All The Way

This hilarious family film will give all parents flashbacks of their Black Friday shopping experience. Especially those who dived for toys and almost caught a case trying to get the season’s hottest kid item in the store.

Black Nativity

While this is not one of the greatest holiday films, being that is was directed by Kasi Lemmons and based on Langston Hughes’ play, we have to keep it in rotation. Plus, every time you watch it, Black Nativity grows on you just a bit more.

Love Actually

This film gives all the romantic feels. With 10 different storylines intertwining with one another there is never a dull moment in the film. You will want to watch this film over and over this winter season.

almost christmas

Almost Christmas

What’s so great about Almost Christmas is that it is one of the most relatable holiday films within this list. This film brings together family, politics, cooking, adultery, old flames, and friends who are like family. All things that make for a good holiday story and storyline.


A Christmas Story

You can’t have Christmas without the TBS streaming of A Christmas Story. If you don’t know about Ralph and his frozen tongue, have you really ever celebrated Christmas?


Will Farrell as a human man raised as an elf who then makes his way in New York City in search of his dad. It’s a classic Will Farrell comedy and is quickly becoming a holiday classic.

Trading Places

While Trading Places is not really a Christmas movie, it takes place around Christmas and seeing Eddie Murphy go from being a conman to conning rich conmen is never not funny.


Home Alone

After nearly 30 years we still can’t get over seeing 8-year-old Kevin McCallister plot and scheme his way out of a home burglary.

A Madea Christmas

Tyler Perry makes a Madea movie for almost all holidays so why not stream A Madea Christmas while streaming all your holiday films.

Fat Albert’s Christmas Special

It’s Fat Albert, need I say more.

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