On This Day: TV and Film History on Oct 17

On This Day: TV and Film History on Oct 17 Wood Harris
TV and Film History on Oct 17 On This Day: TV and Film History on Oct 17 Wood Harris

Wood Harris

Born: Oct 17, 1969
Starred In: Remember the Titans, Creed II, Paid in Full, The Wire, and more.

Sharon Leal

Born: Oct 17, 1972
Starred In: Addicted, Instinct, Why Did I Get Married, This Christmas, and more

Alimi Ballard

Born: Oct 17, 1977
Starred In:
Numbers, Fast Five, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dark Angel, and more.

Jacob Artist

Born: Oct 17, 1992
Starred In: Glee, Now Apocalypse, American Horror Story, and more.

Angel Parker

Born: Oct 17, 1980
Starred In: Runaways, Lab Rats, The Female Brain, Free Samples, and more.

Wyclef Jean

Born: Oct 17, 1969
Starred In: He’s most known as a rapper/musician but he’s starred in Carmen: A Hip Hopera, Shottas, Redline, Black November, and more.

Dear White People

Synopsis: A campus culture war between blacks and whites at a predominantly white school comes to a head when the staff of a humour magazine stages an offensive Halloween party.
Release Date:  Oct 17, 2004

The Secret Life of Bees

Synopsis: Haunted by memories of her late mother and abused by her father (Paul Bettany), 14-year-old Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning) runs away with her friend and caregiver Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson) to the South Carolina town that holds the key to her mother’s past. There, Lily meets the Boatwright sisters (Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Sophie Okonedo), who take her in and teach her about beekeeping, honey, and the Black Madonna. Lily also discovers that the truth about her mother is closer than she thinks.
Release Date:  Oct 17, 2008

Hair Show

Synopsis: Running from the IRS due to back taxes, Baltimore hairdresser and salon owner Peaches (Mo’Nique) reunites with her more successful sister, Angela (Kellita Smith), a fellow stylist, in Los Angeles. Angela is burdened by her sister’s financial woes, and Peaches’ rival, Marcella (Gina Torres), threatens to take over the salon back in Baltimore. While Angela helps her sister get back on her feet, Peaches enters a hairstyling competition in hopes of winning a big cash prize and saving her salon.
Release Date:  Oct 17, 2004

In a Class of His Own

Synopsis:In a deeply moving gesture, the people he’s helped so much over the years now rally around to help a beloved school janitor to pass a vital exam in record time. Based on a true event.
Release Date:  Oct 17, 1999

Breaking Up

Synopsis: Love in the 1990s, focusing on a man and a woman who keep on breaking up, then getting back together again. Their relationship has deteriorated from being strong to one held together by sex and familiarity, and the two characters attempt to break the destructive cycle.

Release Date:  Oct 17, 1997

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