10 Underrated Actors Whose Talents Don’t Get Talked About Enough…So Let’s Talk About It

Courtney b vance

Aunjanue-Ellis 10 Underrated Actors Whose Talents Don't Get Talked About Enough...So Let's Talk About It

10 underrated actors whose talents don’t get talked about enough and so we’re here to talk about it.

There’s Denzel Washington and Will Smith. There’s Angela Bassett and Regina King. These are just four of the actors who have put in decades of work to become household names. And yes strides have been made so that actors who used to be underrated are now being praised adequately, but there are still many actors who are just as great. But their greatness is underrated. They’ve put in the years but don’t get the level of recognition they definitely deserve.

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So since we know the household greats, here are 10 underrated actors whose talent should be talked about more. And if we missed any, please tag their names in the comments.

Courtney b vance

Courtney B. Vance

Everyone talks about his wife, Angela Bassett from her fountain of youth good looks to her acting range, but who is as equally talented as her is her husband, Courtney B. Vance. You can’t mention any role he plays without mentioning how well he performed in that role.

Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo has starred in many, many projects and we don’t adequately  acknowledge the range of characters he plays. Or the fact that he has been consistently working no matter how big or small the role is.

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Aunjanue Ellis

Where to begin about the talent Ellis has bestowed upon us for decades. She can play any type of role, has played many types of roles yet Ellis is a grossly underrated actor whose talent should be mentioned every time there’s a conversation about greats.

Jeffrey Wright

He’s acted life into all the roles he plays, but Hollywood doesn’t truly know his star power when they speak about the greats and don’t include him.

lynn Whitfield underrated actors

Lynn Whitfield

The uncompramarable Lynn Whitfield. She has shown us the different sides of a woman through all the roles she’s played. And she’s done such a good job that you fall in love with each. No matter if she’s playing a woman scorned on A Thin Line Between Love and Hate or the most fierce First Lady in Greenleaf. It doesn’t matter the role, she will dominate it.

Keith David

I mean where can one begin with this actor who has starred in horror films, comedies, thrillers, and now is giving us the Holy Spirit with his leading role in OWN’s Greenleaf. Can we please put some respect on his name.

C. C. H. Pounder

Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder, the Guyanese actress’ range extends past the characters she plays to where she acts. She’s starred on the screen and the stage and has given us dynamic performances whether she’s a coroner on NCIS: New Orleans or playing in Avatar (a role that gets grossly ignored in Avatar conversations).

Loretta Devine

Devine is not only a longtime actress but she’s also a Broadway star. The songstress and actress is known to be great but should be known by more as to why she is great.

Delroy Lindo

Not only does is Delroy a talented actor but he gives the vibes of just a soulful man living in the 70s at all times and both reasons are why we stan for him.

There are many more who are underrated, so don’t be surprised if we hit you up with another dose of this. Let’s start supporting these actors and mentioning them every chance we get.

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