Cory Hardrict, Iyana Halley, Jordan L. Jones and More Star in ‘Starstruck’


Manny Halley Productions presents “Starstruck,” an indie film featuring Cory Hardrict, Neal McDonough, Iyana Halley, Jordan L. Jones, and Jazlyn Martin. Written and directed by Jamal Hill, the movie explores a record label’s nationwide talent search leading to the formation of a new boy band.

The official logline reads: Starstruck follows a record label’s nationwide talent search to find a new star. Instead, the label ends up finding four very talented young men and decides to put together a new boy band. When their song hits number one and propels them into stardom, the movie follows the trials and tribulations of the four as they navigate Hollywood, their newfound fortune, and how they each handle this newfound success and major life changes.

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The cast includes Neal McDonough as “David Ichant,” a legendary music executive, and Cory Hardrict as “Roman Kennedy,” a young label executive facing potential chaos. Iyana Halley plays “Giselle,” the manager with a keen eye for the music business, and Jordan L. Jones portrays “Ronny Sykes,” the head of A&R with a commitment to classiness.

Jazlyn Martin takes on the role of “Ciyani Ray,” the record label’s leading pop star in a quest for love and attention. As the newly formed boy band’s song climbs the charts, the film delves into their journey through Hollywood, newfound fortune, and the challenges that come with success.

Executive produced by Manny Halley, with Yolanda Halley and Rodney Turner as producers from Faith Media Distribution, “Starstruck” promises a captivating exploration of the music industry’s dynamics. The movie showcases the trials and tribulations of young talent navigating the complexities of the ever-changing entertainment landscape.

“Starstruck” not only features a talented ensemble cast but also brings together the creative forces of Jamal Hill, Manny Halley, Yolanda Halley, and Rodney Turner.

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