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Axel F review

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Review: A Father-Daughter Act Leads The Action and Comedy in a Not Terrible Fourth Installment

“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” is a surprising summer must-see that transcends the expectations set by its trailers. Eddie Murphy returns as the iconic Axel Foley, delivering a performance that blends action, humor, and unexpected emotional depth. While the promotional clips emphasized the film’s comedic and action-packed elements, they failed to capture the touching father-daughter […]

Supacell Review: This Must-Watch Series is a Bold New Entry in the Superhero Genre

Supacell Review: This Must-Watch Series Raises the Bar in The Superhero Genre

Netflix’s latest original series, ‘Supacell’, created by Rapman, brings a fresh and compelling narrative to the superhero genre. With Rapman at the helm as writer, director, and executive producer, the series introduces a unique twist: five Black individuals in South London who randomly acquire superpowers. The series stands out not only for its engaging storyline […]

good times review

Review: ‘Good Times’ Animated Reboot Misses the Mark on Authentic Representation and Comedy

The animated reboot of ‘Good Times’ is a modern take on the beloved 1970s classic, injecting fresh energy into its iconic narrative through the vibrant medium of animation. Premiering on Netflix last week, on April 12th, the series is helmed by co-creator Ranada Shepard, with a powerhouse lineup of executive producers including original ‘Good Times’ […]

imaginary review

‘Imaginary’ is Both a Creative Triumph and a Missed Opportunity [REVIEW]

“Imaginary” takes a familiar concept and adds depth by intertwining childhood imaginary friends with a sinister portrayal reminiscent of the boogeyman. This is a creative direction that is used in other well-known films such as” Paranormal Activity,” “The Shining” and” Sinister” The core concept is that there is a child who sees or befriends an […]

parallel review

Exploring Dimensions: The Intriguing World of ‘Parallel [REVIEW]

“Parallel,” a 2024 thriller, emerges from the imaginative minds of a talented trio: Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge, and Johnathan Keasey. It stands as one of the latest dramatic science fiction thrillers, delving into the exploration of multi-dimensions and dimensional travel.” For years, science fiction narratives have explored themes of time travel, parallelisms, doppelgangers, and multi-dimensionality. […]

A Soweto Love Story REVIEW

Exploring the Familiar Charms and Pitfalls of ‘A Soweto Love Story’ [REVIEW]

Film enthusiasts typically have a preferred genre, but they’re open to exploring works from different genres. As a fan of international cinema, I find myself captivated by certain films. One that particularly caught my attention is the 2024 movie “A Soweto Love Story.” “A Soweto Love Story,” focuses on a mother who has become increasingly […]