14 of the Blackest Movies to Watch on Black Friday

blackest movies

Blackest movies to watch on Black Friday.

If the black experience was told through movies, what movies would you pick? How would you describe life in the hood or the suburbs? Or what is it like for a typical black family, or what about entrepreneurship? There are so many facets to one black person and their story, that we tried cover all aspects of life as a black person if it were told through the narration of a movie.

As we celebrate Black Friday, check out 14 of the blackest movies to watch on Black Friday.

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The Banker – Black Wealth

The Banker tells the true story of two Black men coming together through real estate investing as well as creating a Black-owned bank in order to help Blacks get loans for their businesses when regular banks wouldn’t.



School Daze – Education

I mean, School Daze did inspire many to attend a HBCU.


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Get Out – How The World Sees Us

The best way to describe Get Out is “everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black.” If you don’t get that, then you should watch Get Out.



CB4 – Black Music

This is for the part of hip hop that is mainstream and overplayed on the radio. It seems like you need two things to be famous in hip hop: street credit and a hype beat.

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Soul Food – Black Family

There are so many dynamics to one household and Soul Food beautifully executed that. There are a lot of films that touch on the black experience but none have come close to the quality that is this movie.


The Woman King – Black History (inspired)

To know our history we have to know it involves us being Kings and Queens, warriors and Slave traders. The Woman King is inspired by real history and a great kickstarter to learn more African history.



I Got The Hook-up – Black Entrepreneurship

Not only is this movie about black entrepreneurship but it was created by the man who made his own blueprint to success, Master P.


DOPE – Crypto Currency

Even when we invest we do it our way from the way we learn to the way we monetize; there’s a little bit of seasoning sprinkled throughout.



He Got Game – Black and Sports

From being their family’s support system to having an incarcerated family member, He Got Game was relevant in the 90s and is still relevant today on what it’s like to be a black athlete in America.



Crooklyn – Black Family

Crooklyn is another film that speaks on the black family but from a younger generation’s eyes.

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Love Jones – Our Love Story

While reality shows like to paint black people to be cheaters and jezebels, Love Jones shows the dynamic, yet-complicated power of black love.


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Inkwell – Black and Bougie

Not all blacks are from the hood, some come from wealth and party with other wealthy blacks and this is their story.



Boyz in the Hood – Hood

It takes a man to raise a boy was the premise behind Boyz in the Hood and it proved to be true. Growing up in the hood is a true reality for at least one member of a black family and this film did a great job in showing the plight of the black man to just get out the hood, alive.



Black Panther – Regalness

Black Panther is about how the world perceives us to be uneducated, poor, and always needing assistance. However, we laugh because we know that we are so much more than that. And we don’t let the outside world privy to our magic.


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