21 Wildest (And Funniest) TV and Movie Dinner Scenes

wildest and funniest tv and movie dinner scenes

The holiday season has arrived, which means you’re busy either preparing your home for a family, your stomach for your family dinner, and your mental for your family in general. Whether you’re stressed or excited or a combination of both, we’re passing the time with some of the wildest TV and movie dinner scenes.

This is just a reminder there is someone’s family even more crazier than yours. So in honor of holidays and crazy family members here are 21 of the wildest and funniest TV and movie dinner scenes

Check them all out below.


Who Made The Potatoe Salad

The whole movie may not be top tier but this dinner scene is iconic.

Stream: N/A



Almost Christmas

Nobody needs Grandma Cheryl to come to dinner so please stay faithful. And if you are going to cheat, don’t cheat with a “dumb b*tch”

Stream: Hulu



Meet The Browns

“What about our momma”…”Nasty hoe” — When you find out your father was a pimp and all the “nice” women were his hoes.

Stream: BET+, Sling TV, Prime, The Roku Channel




Honestly, when did the Lyon family ever have a normal dinner? So we’re just going to start with the first one because Cookie sure knows how to make an entrance.

Stream: Hulu



Dysfunctional Friends

It was a whole lot of chicken with a side of everyone’s business served at dinner.

Stream: Sling TV, The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube



Why Did I Get Married

In the future, no one should make Mike the keeper of secrets.

Stream: Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, BET+



Django Unchained

There was a slave’s skull examined, smeared blood on one’s face, and overt racism. It doesn’t get any more disgusting than that. Fun fact, Leonardo DiCaprio really cut his hand up in the scene but stayed in character.

Stream: Netflix, fuboTV




Nutty Professor

While this was funny, I would hate to attend dinner with the klumps and their flatulence.

Stream: Peacock

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“God may have blessed you with Barbies, a backyard with a pony, a boyfriend named Jake and an unwanted pregnancy that your father paid to terminate so you could go to college and major in being a basic bitch…” –This is a clear example of why you should mind the business that pays you.

Stream: Netflix, FX



Kingdom Come

Don’t cheat on a wife who is dramatic.

Stream: Starz, Youtube, Hulu Prime



The Color Purple

“Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!” — When a woman’s fed up. Don’t mess with Cecily.

Stream: Netflix, HBO Max



Master of None

Coming out and then introducing your family to your significant other, can be intense.

Stream: Netflix




Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family

What’s done in the dark will come to the light.

Stream: Peacock, Starz, Pluto, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Hulu, Sling TV, Philo TV




Dirty Laundry

One thing about Jenifer Lewis, she knows how to make an awkward situation more awkward.

Stream: Rent or own on VOD



House Party 3

“They used to call me jawbone”

Stream: HBO Max



Jumping The Broom

With a future mother-in-law like this, who needs enemies, or whatever the saying is.

Stream: fuboTV,  Amazon Prime Video, Tubi



Guess Who

It is all fun and games until someone says something too racist.

Stream: Rent or Own VOD



“Bang Bang Bang…”
Stream: Hulu, HBO Max



Bringing Down The House

Slavery songs and laxatives do not go together.

Stream: HBO Max



The Help

It’s not really a dinner scene, but someone’s at the table and there is food present, even if it is food, NO ONE should eat, so we’re including it.

Stream: HBO Max, Hulu




Soul Food

Where there is manipulation, there is fire. And where there is fire, there is money.

Stream: HBO Max, Hulu, Prime, The Roku Channel



The Butler

This is why politics and Sidney Poitier aren’t good dinner conversations.

Stream: Netflix, Pluto




Power Book II: Ghost

Zeke and Cane were definitely worried about the wrong part of the Monet’s secret. (Start video at 13 mins)

Stream: Starz


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