The Peripheral is Canceled Despite Being Renewed For a Second Season

The Peripheral" is canceled

It seems that the ongoing strike has claimed its first casualty in the realm of TV shows. The sci-fi drama series “The Peripheral,” starring Chloë Grace Moretz, won’t be moving forward with its previously ordered second season on Prime Video.

The decision is attributed to the ongoing WGA strike, which has lasted for 109 days, and the SAG-AFTRA strike, which has been ongoing for 36 days. These strikes have led to production delays and significant gaps between seasons, causing shows to miss their intended release dates.

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This cancellation is notable as it marks the first known instance of a renewal reversal during the current strike. There might be more series that could also see their renewals rescinded or pending pickups not materialize if the strike continues beyond Labor Day. Freshman series going into their second season are particularly vulnerable, as seen in a similar trend of unrenewals during the pandemic.

“The Peripheral” had been renewed for its second season in February, with plans for production and a 2024 release. However, due to the WGA strike’s impact on production schedules, the delay has incurred additional costs and logistical challenges, including marketing campaigns for the show’s return.

While Amazon, like other streaming platforms, doesn’t disclose viewership numbers, “The Peripheral” is believed to have performed well on the platform. Nevertheless, the delay has posed financial challenges, especially for larger-scale productions like this sci-fi drama.

The cancellation coincides with a period of financial scrutiny among media companies, which have been reassessing their streaming strategies. “The Peripheral” is a collaboration between Amazon Studios, Warner Bros. Television, and Kilter Films, the latter of which is also producing another series, “Fallout,” for Amazon Studios.

“The Peripheral” follows the story of Flynne Fisher (Moretz), a woman navigating a fractured family in a future America. The cancellation affects not only the production but also Amazon’s content rollout plans for 2025.



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