Stream Philip Johnson and Robert Graves’ Latest Thriller The Unhinged [TRAILER]

the unhinged

Check out the trailer to Philip Johnson and Robert Graves’ latest project, The Unhinged. Directed by Robert Graves, the short film thriller stars Johnson, Taylor Brooks, Antoine Tate, EJ Joseph, and Tyler Boyce.

Written and produced by Johnson and Graves, The Unhinged centers on a young man, who while trying to find new love after losing his boyfriend soon finds out his new suitors are being hunted by a night stalker.

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Johnson stars as Lonzo, Brooks portrays Millie, Tate stars as Allen, and Joseph and Boyce are cast as Tyriq and Jamar.

Graves and Johnson’s inspiration behind the film was to create a unique horror story about romance, revenge, and mental illness centered around black queer men in Los Angeles.

“This film is important to us because it expands the film diaspora to include Black queer stories across all genres of film,” Graves and Johnson said in a statement. “In a time where representation is key, it is important to see ourselves in all aspects of media, authentically told from our perspective as Black creatives.”

You can currently stream Unhinged on iElevateplustv.com, check out the trailer below.

About Philip Johnson:

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Philip is a now LA-based writer, producer, actor, and director who creates and produces films and shows primarily focused on bringing unique creative light to the Black LGBTQ+ community. In 2018 he Philaye Films, Inc. which is a Black-owned entertainment company that empowers our Black & LGBTQIA+ communities through representation, opportunities, and creative advocacy.

For more information on Johnson and Philaye Films, visit https://philayefilms.com/

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