#TIMESUPGlobes: Zero Black HFPA Members Out of 87 in Golden Globe Nomination Voting

Thanks to the LA Times’ investigation, it is safe to say the Golden Globes is bullshit.#TIMESUPGlobes

According to their report on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the non-profit organization that selects Golden Globe winners, it alleges corruption, bullying, and self-dealing to the tune of millions of dollars by members.

It also revealed there isn’t a single Black member in the 87-person group and there hasn’t been a Black member since 1987.

Though the Times notes the HFPA does have a number of people of color in its ranks, the lack of diversity among voting members directly reflects the noticeable snub of top Black-led films in best picture categories this year

The report describes HFPA as “struggling to shake its reputation as a group whose awards or nominations can be influenced with expensive junkets and publicity swag.”

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In spite of the pandemic and its devastating impact on the movie business, HFPA members were paid $1.929 million for the fiscal year ending in June 2020, representing “more than double the level three years earlier,” according to the L.A. Times.

Since this LA Times report was released, Time’s Up has called for reform in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association just days ahead of the Golden Globe Awards over the lack of diversity among deciding members.

The advocacy organization launched the #TIMESUPGlobes hashtag Friday, alongside a graphic that reads, “Hollywood Foreign Press Association: Not a Single Black Member Out of 87.”

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Since then many celebrities have tweeted the hashtag. Ava DuVernay called the revelation “Old news. New energy.”

Judd Apatow added: “So many crazy things about the @goldenglobes and the Hollywood Foreign press but this is awful. #timesupglobes.”

The Golden Globes is set to air this Sunday, on NBC on Feb. 28; will you be tuned in?

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