Hollywood’s Next Big Thing: 25 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 23 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Hollywood is full of talent. Many get their just due, while others go overlooked and underappreciated.

But not by us. We are highlighting 25 actors to keep on your radar. They are making waves in Hollywood and you should make sure you know who they are now and follow their career because it is only going up from here.

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These actors to keep on your radar have already solidified the “oh (insert name) is in this, I must be good” title. They have already shared the screen with legends and gave us performances of a legend. These actors have been fan-favorites, scene-stealers, and leads on TV shows and movies. Their career may still be budding but what they have done has put them on the fast track to be a household name.

Get to know these stars because they got next in Hollywood. Check out the 25 actors to keep on your radar below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


lakeith stanfield Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Lakeith Stanfield

Stanfield is a Hollywood favorite. He has starred in some highly successful films, not just in the box office but also by the quality in which the films are. Since his role in 2008’s Short Term 12  he has starred in Selma, Straight Outta Compton, Atlanta (TV show), Someone Great, Knives Out, The Photograph, and much more. His name is currently knocking on the windows in Hollywood but we foresee him being a household name in the near future.

Best Known For: Atlanta, Get Out, Sorry to Bother You, The Photograph,Someone Great and more





Lashana Lynch

You can see Lynch making history as the first black 007

Best Known For: Captain Marvel, Still Star-Crossed,  Fast Girls, and more.

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jharrell jerome hollywood

Jharrel Jerome

If you saw him in Moonlight, you know Jerome has talent but then if you saw him in When They See Us, you know he has that type of talent that comes once in a blue in Hollywood. There is just something special about Jerome and we are excited to see how his career evolves. Up next for him, you can see him in Concrete Cowboy as well as I’m a Virgo.

Best Known For: Moonlight, When They See Us





teyonah parris Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Teyonah Parris

Whether her role is big or small, fiesty or funny, Parris knows how to command an audience every time she is on the screen. We can’t wait to see her join the Marvel Universe in WandaVision and star in the remake to Candyman.

Best Known For:  Charm City Kings, If Beale Street Could Talk, Survivor’s Remorse, WandaVision, Mad Men, and more





brian-tyree-henry Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Brian Tyree Henry

Whether he is on stage, on the small screen or on the big screen. Whether his role is big or small, Brian Tyree Henry knows how to give a performance with every role he picks. He also seems to take on roles that show off his range.

Best Known For: Widows, If Beale Street Could Talk, Atlanta





Kiki Layne

It seems like every role Layne has had, is the role of a lifetime. She held a leading role and gave a leading performance in If Beale Street Could Talk opposite greats like Regina King and Aunjanue Ellis. That role helped break her into Hollywood. Since then she has delivered about and beyond in films such as Native Son and The Old Guard. Up next for her is Coming 2 America.

Best Known For: If Beale Street Could Talk, Native Son, and The Old Guard.

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Daniel Kaluuya

The London-born actor got his start on the TV drama Skins, but we weren’t introduced to Kaluuya until his leading role in Jordan Peele, which he masterfully sold us on. Since then we have enjoyed supporting him in films such as  Black Panther and Queen & Slim. Up next he is starring alongside LaKeith Stanfield in Judas and the Black Messiah.

Best Known For: Black Panther, Queen & Slim, Skins, Judas and the Black Messiah, and more.




zazie beetz Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Zazie Beetz

Beetz is the queen of making her role, no matter the size it is in a project, a role many speak on. We were subtly introduced to here in Donald Glover’s Atlanta and she became an instant fan favorite. Since then we’ve enjoyed her roles in Deadpool 2, High Flying Bird, and Joker.

Best Known For: Seberg, Lucy in the Sky, Slice, Deadpool 2, High Flying Bird, Joker, and more.


Jonathan Majors Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Jonathan Majors

Majors has starred in quite a few projects since making his way into Hollywood like the great indie film, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, but it was his role in Lovecraft Country, that really put him on mainstream’s radar. It also solidified his ability to lead a TV series through his complex acting and command of our attention. Up next, we will see him co-lead opposite Idris Elba in the Western, The Harder They Fall.

Best Known For: Lovecraft Country, Da 5 Bloods, White Boy Rick and more.




letitia wright Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Letitia Wright

Still early in her career, but Wright has already secured herself worthy accolades, awards, and movie roles. Prior to her role in the history-making Black Panther, Wright was ready to call it quits on her acting career. A decision we are grateful she didn’t go through with.

Best Known For: Black Panther, Ready Player One, Death on the Nile, Black Mirror, Avengers: Endgame, and more.





yahya abdul mateen ii Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Since being a fan-favorite villain in The Get Down, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has been making waves in the industry. Since then we’ve seen him star as David Kane/Black Manta in Aquaman, Bobby Seale in The Trial of the Chicago 7, and give an Emmy-winning performance in the HBO limited series Watchmen. Up next, we can’t wait to see Mateen II in Candyman and The Matrix 4.

Best Known For: Watchmen, Aquaman, The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Greatest Showman, Watchmen, and more.

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Tessa-Thompson Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Tessa Thompson

It’s hard to turn on a television or go to a theatre without seeing Tessa Thompson and for good reason. She is a compelling actress who brings a certain edge it to every performance from big-budget films to small screen series.

Best Known For: Selma, Thor franchise, Veronica Mars, Westworld, Avengers: Endgame, Annihilation, and Sorry to Bother You





stephan james Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Stephan James

James got his start in Canada on the famed Degrassi. Since then he has introduced himself to the states through roles that are bigger than just acting. From portraying Jesse Owens in race to starring in the Oscar snubbed, If Beale Street Could Talk, in every role he plays, he delivers.

Best Known For: If Beale Street Could Talk, Race, Homecoming, 21 Bridges, #FreeRayshawn, and more.




storm reid Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Storm Reid

Reid may be the youngest person on this list, but her acting skills are simply that good. She has shared the screen with stars of bigger caliber and yet remains to be a favorite in all her roles. We are very excited to see how her career continues to unfold.

Best Known For: A Wrinkle in Time, Don’t Let Go, The Invisible Man, Euphoria, The Suicide Squad, and more



damson-idris Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Damson Idris

We are most acquainted with Damson through his role as Franklin in Snowfall and after keeping us hooked on his character for three seasons, it is safe to say Idris has a long, successful career ahead of him. Up next he will share the screen with Anthony Mackie in Netflix’s Outside the Wire.

Best Known For: Farming, Snowfall, The Commuter, Megan Leavey, City of Tiny Lights, and more.

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michaela-coel- Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Michaela Coel

Adding Coel was a torn decision. Not because she isn’t worthy but more so because of how beyond worthy she is. She’s not just an actress but a director, creator, producer, writer, she is all talent all the time. And she’s necessary talent.  Her latest project, This May Destroy You is an absolute masterpiece that delves us into a dark topic in a raw and artistic way and she delivers. We are such fans and can’t wait to see how far she takes her career, because if there is one thing you know about Coel it is that she is in the driver’s seat of her career.

Best Known For: Chewing Gum, This May Destroy You, and more.





kelvin harrison jr Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Kelvin Harrison Jr

Whether he is playing a happy yet dark teen, troubled son, or musician trying to make a name for himself in the industry, Harrison Jr. shines in every role.

Best Known For: Luce, Waves, The High Note, It Comes at Night, Monsters and Men, and more.





ashton sanders Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Ashton Sanders

Sanders has this swag about him in all his roles that solidify his name in Hollywood. His laidback demeanor approach to his roles helps him tell each particular story. Whether he is sharing the screen with Denzel Washington or toplining a TV series as RZA, Sanders’ talent is a rarity in Hollywood who will soon become a household name.

Best Known For: Moonlight, All Day and a Night, The Equalizer 2, Native Son, Captive State, Wu-Tang: An American Saga





Colman Domingo

Domingo makes every role of his count. He embodies his characters. and delivers an award-worthy performance every time. He is absolutely the definition of a character actor because when he is on the screen, you don’t see Colman Domingo, you see whatever character he is portraying.

Best Known For: Fear the Walking Dead, Euphoria, The Big Gay Sketch Show , The Knick, Candyman





Aja Naomi King

King is on a constant rise since her starring role as Michaela Pratt in the ABC legal drama series How to Get Away with Murder. Since then she has continued to expand her resume with great films such as Birth of a Nation and The Upside. Up next, she will star in

Best Known For: How to Get Away With Murder, The Birth of a Nation,  The 24th, Emily Owens, M.D., and more.





Winston Duke

Duke is a star to watch,. The undeniable scene-stealer in Black Panther,  the Tobagonian-American actor was a fan-favorite in the film but a Hollywood rising star in real life. From his early TV days in Person of Interest to now, Duke’s career is only on the ups and making him one of the actors to keep on your radar.

Best Known For: Spenser Confidential, Black Panther, Us, Nine Days, Person of Interest, and more.






Zendaya is a Hollywood star in her own right, she’s a fashionable, Disney alum, so her career was pretty much put in fast forward. But her accolades as an actress of impeccable talent, that is starting to take the forefront in her career. Her range on the complexities of teen years can be explained by her roles in Disney’s Shake It Up, the Spiderman franchise, and her critically acclaimed role in Euphoria. Up next she stars opposite John David Washington in Malcolm & Marie.

Best Known For: Euphoria, The Greatest Showman, Spider‑Man: Homecoming, Shake It Up, and more

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John David Washington

Washington definitely has acting talents that run in his blood. Both his parents are legends and his sister has her own budding career in Hollywood. Washington is so good, however, he is creating his own legacy not one that is outshined by his father’s shadow. Up next he will star opposite Zendaya in Malcolm & Marie.

Best Known For: Blackkklansman, Ballers, Tenet, and more.





chante adams Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Chanté Adams

Adams won the special jury prize for a breakthrough performance at the Sundance Film Festival for the title role in Roxanne Roxanne. An award she deserved, one of many we forsee her receiving throughout her career. Up next she will star in A Journal For Jordan, opposite Michael B Jordan.

Best Known For: Roxanne Roxanne, The Photograph, Monsters and Men, Bad Hair, Voyagers




aldis-hodge Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 27 Actors To Keep on Your Radar

Aldis Hodge

Hodge has been in Hollywood for over a decade. However while he has starred in countless shows and was a series regular in the TV series Leverage, it wasn’t until his role in Underground that he began making waves in Hollywood. Since then Hodge has starred in movies like What Men Want, Brian Banks, Invisible Man, and more. Up next he will star in One Night in Miami which Regina King is making her feature directorial debut.

Best Known For: Leverage, The Invisible Man, City on a Hill, Straight Outta Compton, What Men Want, Brian Banks, and more.

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