10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn’t Know

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the one-of-a-kind ‘Cousin Skeeter’ graced our screens on Nickelodeon? This gem of a show made its debut back on September 1, 1998, and over the course of three seasons, it left a mark that’s hard to forget.

It followed the adventures of Bobby, played by Robert Ri’chard, whose life gets a major shakeup when his eccentric cousin, Skeeter, comes to live with his family. Together, they tackle the highs and lows of growing up, often with hilarious results.

Created by Alonzo Brown, it wasn’t just any puppet show. Skeeter is treated as if he’s a regular human, and this quirky twist makes the show stand out in the best way. The cast also includes Meagan Good as Bobby’s friend Nina, Rondell Sheridan as Bobby’s father Andre, and Angela Means as Bobby’s mother Vanessa. Back when it premiered, ‘Cousin Skeeter’ was part of a wave of shows exploring multicultural themes.

As we celebrate 25 years of this off beat sitcom, get ready to uncover 10 ‘Cousin Skeeter’ facts that might just surprise you. Check them out below.

The idea for “Cousin Skeeter” came from a 90s Nike commercial featuring an alter ego puppet version of former NBA player Penny Hardaway named Lil Penny.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
Originally envisioned as a movie, the concept was reimagined into a television series due to unforeseen circumstances.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
The show drew inspiration from 80s sitcoms “Alf” and “The Cosby Show,” aiming to create a cool black character moving in with a family. According to the creator he wanted it to be like a cool Black Alf moves in with The Cosby family.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
It was a Friday reunion as Angela Means, who played Vanessa Walker, was also Felicia from Friday and Meagan Good’s first role was in the film as well.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
Bill Bellamy voiced Skeeter but it was the puppeteer, Drew Massey, who would voice Skeeter while on set working with the actors. Tt wasn’t until the actors watched the final version did they actually hear Bellamy’s voice.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
To accommodate for the puppeteers to control Skeeter and later Nicole, the sets were actually built 4 to 5 five above the ground with trap doors everywhere.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
Tisha Campbell voiced Nicole, A female puppet character who first appeared as a new student in the second season’s TV movie, “New Kids on the Planet”.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
Shaq directed the episode “Mo’ Skeeter Blues” in season 1 of ‘Cousin Skeeter.’ Nick Cannon co-wrote on that episode.

10 Cousin Skeeter Facts You Didn't Know
Skeeter’s quick talking and antics were loosely based on creator Alonzo Brown’s experiences as a rapper in the hip hop group Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The show’s theme song is an alternate version of 702’s 1996 debut single “Steelo”, co-written by & featuring Missy Elliott.

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