ABFF Premieres: 2022 American Black Film Festival Lineup (So Far)

abff 2022 American Black Film Festival Lineup (So Far)

American Black Film Festival (ABFF) announced its lineup for its 2022 festival in the categories of narrative and documentary features, and web series.

The Features program includes Narrative competitions (U.S. and international), World Premieres and first-time directors representing a diverse group of independent filmmakers from around the globe. The lineup offers a mixture of thought-provoking, entertaining and authentic stories that uplift and highlight Black culture.

This years’ festival will be a hybrid event with the live format between June 15-19 in Miami, Fl. and the virtual format that includes virtual panels and screenings between June 20-30 on the festival’s custom-built online platform ABFF PLAY (https://abffplay.com/).

The festival will open up on June 15th with the documentary “CIVIL, which centers on famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump. Crump is the civil lawyer for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Black farmers and banking while Black victims.

Directed and produced by Nadia Hallgren, the documentary will look at Crump’s mission to raise the value of Black life while challenging America to come to terms with what it owes his clients. Produced by Kenya Barris, Roger Ross Williams and Lauren Cioffi. The premiere of CIVIL at ABFF will be ahead of its Netfix release on Juneteenth (June 19) this year.

Civil will kick off ABFF and the following films will premiere during the four-day festival. See full list below | For more information on the festival and features visit https://www.abff.com/miami/

Narrative Features Premiering During ABFF

Between Sins

Synopsis: Faced with the responsibilities of an ill mother and estranged daughter, Coy searches for redemption for past sins while trying to avoid the pitfalls that could lead to repeating them.

Director: Carlos Miller
Writer: Carlos Miller
Producers: Tyler Cheatham, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Miller
Cast: George Taylor, Rigoberto Duval, Carolyn Johnson, Skyla Rain Rowe, Angela Kohn

Bite of a Mango

Synopsis: 2020 comes with enough challenges of its own, but as four best friends each attempt to overcome their own trying situations, they are left unsure if the group can survive.

CANADA | 98 min
Director: Ron Dias
Writers & Producers: Joanne Jansen, Ron Dias
Cast: Jayne Kamara, Ryan Rosery, Orville Cummings, Nathan Taylor

Escaping Paradise

Synopsis: A young couples’ anniversary trip turns deadly in a foreign land.

Director: Paul Tanter
Writer: Deji LaRay
Producers: Thomas Q. Jones, Deji LaRay, DeNorvious Pickett
Cast: Deji LaRay, Simon Phillips, Shayla Hale

Feel Like Ghost

Synopsis: Two recent exes with an undeniable connection confront what could have been if their cultural differences hadn’t pushed them to new lives on opposite coasts.

USA | 100 min
Director & Writer: Kali Baker-Johnson
Producer: Lola Ridgell
Cast: Nican Robinson, Misha Molani

God of Dreams

Synopsis: Welcome to the future, where dreaming is Illegal.

USA | 104 min
Director: Jurian Isabelle
Writer: Jurian Isabelle
Producers: Jurian Isabelle, Joe Langford
Cast: Ann Nesby, Julia Reilly, Jessie Reeder, Keshawn Pettigrew, Omar Cook

Our Father, the Devil

Synopsis: An African immigrant’s quiet life in a small French town is upended by the arrival of a charismatic Catholic priest, whom she recognizes as the warlord who slaughtered her family.

USA | FRANCE | 108 min
Director: Ellie Foumbi
Writer: Ellie Foumbi
Producers: Ellie Foumbi, Joseph Mastantuono
Cast: Babetida Sadjo, Souleymane Sy Savané, Jennifer Tchiakpe

Scheme Queens

Synopsis: Four friends who are down on their luck decide to rob a ruthless Rastafarian jewel thief by conning his second in command.

USA | 94 min
Director: Cas Sigers Beedles
Writer: Cas Sigers Beedles
Producers: Cas Sigers Beedles, Ernestine Johnson
Cast: B. Simone, Ernestine Johnson, Brii Reneé, Jacky Oh


Synopsis: A car-jacked mother and entrepreneur is forced to bond with her violent assailant in order
to escape.

USA | 90 min
Director: Damon Jamal
Writers: Damon Jamal, Dave Eisenstark
Producers: Leah Daniels Butler, Henry Black Butler, Damone Smith, Damon Jamal
Cast: Elise Neal, Demetrius Grosse, Dylan McNamara, Miguel A. Nuñez Jr.

The Threesome

Synopsis: A sex comedy told in three ways.

USA | 92 min
Director: Jamal Dedeaux
Writer: Jamal Dedeaux
Producers: Jaleel Ghafur, Rebecca Haze, Jamal Dedeaux
Cast: Andrea Lewis, Brittany S. Hall, Jerrel O’Neal

You Married Dat

Synopsis: Two happy brides, one dead guy!

USA | 114 min
Director: Dame Pierre
Writers: Byron Manuel, Curtis L. Ellison Jr., Tarek Abdelkhalig
Producers: Timothy Christian, Sherah Rider, Elijah Kelley
Cast: Juhahn Jones, Apryl Jones, LisaRaye, Audra Kinkead, Michael Colyar

Documentary Features Premiering During ABFF

A Woman on the Outside

Synopsis: Kristal is a young, ambitious Philadelphian driven to keep families connected to their incarcerated loved ones. But when her father and brother return from prison, she confronts the ultimate question: can she reunite her own family?

USA | 85 min
Directors: Zara Katz, Lisa Riordan Seville
Writer: Kiara C. Jones
Producers: Kiara C. Jones, Zara Katz, Lisa Riordan Seville
Cast: Kristal Bush, Nyvae Scott, Kristal Speaks

American Immigrants

Synopsis: Being homeless is an experience not a person.

USA | 60 min
Director: Ken Miles
Writer: Ken Miles
Producer: Ken Miles
Cast: Jorge Colina, Nathan White

Black As U R: a Micheal Rice film

Synopsis: Micheal Rice’s kaleidoscopic journey through the fault lines of race, gender and sexuality in America.

USA | 87 min
Director: Micheal Rice
Writer: Micheal Rice
Producer: Edward Radford
Executive Producers: Micheal Rice, Gerald Oxford
Cast: Micheal Rice, Dr. Charlene Sinclair, Michael Roberson

Blind Eye Artist

Synopsis: The origin story of painter Justin Wadlington, blind in his left eye.

USA | 76 min
Director: Ashwin Chaudhary
Producers: Ashwin Chaudhary, Jonathan Korn, Justin Wadlington
Cast: Justin Wadlington, Glenn Fuhrman

Drowning in Silence

Synopsis: A mother goes on a healing journey to investigate the silent epidemic of childhood drowning after losing her son.

USA | 81 min
Director: Chezik Tsunoda
Writers: Chezik Tsunoda, Claire Ave’Lallemant
Producers: Hill Harper, Joe Beshenkovsky, Chezik Tsunod

Let The Church Say

Synopsis: In a time of racial upheaval and a multitude of woes affecting marginalized communities, a young African American filmmaker journeys to the heart of the Black experience to find the answer to a daunting question: Is the Black church dead?

USA | 70 min
Director: Rafiq J Nabali
Writer: Rafiq J Nabali
Producers: Joe Howell, Nancy Howard, Danielle Nebeliuk
Cast: Jekalyn Carr, Dr. Teresa Fry Brown, Dr. Walter Fluker, Darlene McCoy

Lovely Jackson

Synopsis: America’s longest wrongfully held exonerated prisoner, Rickey Jackson, returns to the prison where his 39-year journey of survival began and guides his younger self from death row to freedom.

USA | 104 min
Director: Matt Waldeck
Writers: Rickey Jackson, Matt Waldeck
Producers: Rickey Jackson, Matt Waldeck, Jillian Wolstein, Ben Hecht, Travis Killian
Cast: Rickey Jackson, Edward Vernon, Pr. Anthony Singleton, Mario Beverly, Devito Parker Jr.

The Young Vote

Synopsis: Filmmaker Diane Robinson follows a diverse group of students and activists during the 2020 election to understand young peoples’ perceptions of voting and civic engagement.

USA | 67 min
Director, Writer, Producer: Diane Robinson
Cast: Ariana Tulay, Dariel Cruz Rodriguez, Elena Ashburn, Liz Magallanes, Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy, John King, Bradley Tusk, Jeremy Gruber

Web Series Premiering During ABFF

Bourn Kind: The Tiny Kindness Project

Synopsis: A Black/Jewish artist creates a project of kindness to celebrate connection in his community.

USA | 12 min
Director & Writer: Rachel Myers
Producer: Tamika Lamison, Connie Jo Sechrist, Rachel Myers
Cast: Bourn Rich


Synopsis: The zany misadventures of two sisters navigating the ups and downs of life, as artists, in the wild and unpredictable streets of La La Land.

USA | 7:30 min
Director, Writer, Producer: Kimberly Dooley
Cast: Kimberly Dooley, Dayna Dooley

I am Mara

Synopsis: Striving to break free from a life of espionage, murder and destructive family ties, Mara sets out to fabricate a new life for herself, but soon realizes the truth will always reveal itself and all sins must be atoned for.

USA | 14:33 min
Directors: Cody Duncum, Demetrius Feaster
Writers: Candace West, Clarinda D’Cruze
Producer: Candace West, Demetrius Feaster, Clarinda D’Cruze
Cast: Candace Kirstin West, Keith Elgin Douglas, Alek President, Jose Navarro, Virginia Elliot, David Chin

Jonathan’s World

Synopsis: Boy genius sips magical potion causing him to obtain enhanced capabilities.

USA | 14 min
Director, Writer, Producer, Cast: Tyler D. Lambert

Last Name Unknown

Synopsis: Beyond Hope Youth Shelter’s homeless youth beat the odds, and find their place in society.

USA | 15 min
Director: Dui Jarrod
Writer: Dui Jarrod
Producers: Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Dui Jarrod, Chris Hicks, David Blackman
Cast: Chakeefe Gordon, Erika Norrell, Braxton Jordan, Lindsey G. Smith

Layered, “Stalker”

Synopsis: A series following three black women from Philadelphia, two of them Muslim, trying to break into the media industry while being met with challenges in mental health, faith, and loss due to gun violence.

USA | 12:57 min
Director: Zareefa Abdul-Adl
Writers: Arraiyan DuBose, Aiko Brown, Zareefa Abdul-Adl
Producers: Aiko Brown, Arraiyan DuBose, Zareefa Abdul-Adl
Cast: Merceedes White, LaPorscha Rodgers, Aisha Saran

Little Lawyer

Synopsis: A six-year-old girl with aspirations of being an attorney puts her little brother on trial after she discovers her toy is inoperative.

USA | 12 min
Director: Sam Buckner III
Writer: Sam Buckner III
Producers: Sam Buckner, Samantha O. Buckner
Cast: Sophia Dejesus, London Sinead, Wyatt Hinz, Ayani Tamar, Brandon. L Ward, Alex Jackson


Synopsis: When the sudden disappearance of water — their main life source — threatens to upend a vibrant utopia, an intrepid teen named Blaze must save their community before it’s too late.

USA | 12:30 min
Directors: Randall Dottin, Luisa Dantas
Writers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Paige Wood, Luisa Dantas, Rise-Home Stories Project
Producers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Paige Wood, Luisa Dantas, Rise-Home Stories Project, Anna Lee, Russell Hornsby
Cast: Russell Hornsby, Denny Dillon, Imani Russell, Kaya Fraites, Sunni Patterson

The Green Couch (Ep. 2)

Synopsis: Psychologist Dr. Rhemington Lee engages patients in an unwitting experiment of truth as each convene on The Green Couch.

USA | 14:08 min
Director: Mirlande Amazan
Writer: Mirlande Amazan
Producer: Mirlande Amazan
Cast: Mirlande Amazan, Antuone Torbert; narrated by Gordon Greene

The Whippersnappers

Synopsis: OG, Big Mama and Foegy, aka “The Oldheads,” growing tired of the same routine, decide to use technology to become younger.

USA | 4:56 min
Director: Ryan Cole
Writer: Ryan Cole
Producer: Ryan Cole
Cast: Ryan Cole

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