30 Rock is Pulling Blackface Episodes From Streaming and Syndication

30 Rock is pulling blackface episodes

As Hollywood continues to address their lineage of racism and improve inclusion, 30 Rock is pulling blackface episodes from all its streaming and syndication.

30 Rock ran from 2006-2013. And it has four episodes that feature someone in blackface and they will be scrapped for good. The earliest episode to feature blackface is Season 3, episode 2 titled ‘Believe In The Stars.’ Next is season 5 episode 10 titled “Christmas Attack Zone” and Season 6 episode 19, “Live from Studio 6H”. The last episode to get the boot is the east coast version of season 5 episode 4 “The Live Show”; the West Cost version will remain.

The episodes are currently being removed from NBCUniversal’s sales platform. They are also working with partners to remove the episodes from current runs. As well as on additional streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime iTunes and Google Play.

This should all go into effect this week.

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The request for the removal of the episodes came from show creator/exec producer/showrunner Tina Fey and exec producer/co-showrunner Robert Carlock. Fey wrote a letter to the platform that streamed or sold 30 Rock.

“As we strive to do the work and do better in regards to race in America, we believe that these episodes featuring actors in race-changing makeup are best taken out of circulation. I understand now that ‘intent; is not a free pass for white people to use these images. I apologize for pain they have caused. Going forward, no comedy-loving kid needs to stumble on these tropes and be stung by their ugliness. I thank NBCUniversal for honoring this request.”

The 30 Rock news comes two weeks after WarnerMedia’s HBO Max platform removed Gone With the Wind from the newly launched service. However, HBO Max will be returning the film after new warnings are added. As well as an introduction from TCM host and University of Chicago media studies professor Jacqueline Stewart explaining why the movie is problematic. Amazon is currently weighing whether or not to take down or edit episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard, which features the racist Confederate flag in every episode.

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News of that 30 Rock is pulling blackface episodes from streaming and syndication was first read on Vulture.

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