Apple TV+ Renewed Period Drama ‘The Buccaneers’ For a Second Season

Apple TV+ Renewed Period Drama 'The Buccaneers' For a Second Season

Apple TV+ has officially greenlit a second season for “The Buccaneers,” a critically acclaimed drama by The Forge. Inspired by Edith Wharton’s final unfinished novel, the series stars Kristine Frøseth as Nan St. George and features a stellar cast including Alisha Boe, Josie Totah, Aubri Ibrag, Imogen Waterhouse, Christina Hendricks, and Mia Threapleton.

The show, praised as a modern and fast-paced period drama, has captivated global audiences since its premiere on November 8, with the complete first season now available for streaming.

Creator Katherine Jakeways expressed excitement about the positive reception and the opportunity to delve into the further adventures of the vibrant characters. Apple TV+ Creative Director Jay Hunt commended the charm and wit of “The Buccaneers,” expressing eagerness to continue collaborating with The Forge on Nan and her friends’ next adventure.

Set against the backdrop of 1870s London, the series portrays a clash between American exuberance and British tradition as young American girls challenge societal norms during the London season. Seeking more than just husbands and titles, the buccaneers embark on a journey where saying “I do” is merely the beginning. The ensemble cast, including Josh Dylan, Guy Remmers, Matthew Broome, and Barney Fishwick, contributes to the narrative’s richness.

With a soundtrack blending 1870s English aristocracy with modern tunes from female performers like Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, and more, “The Buccaneers” weaves a captivating tale. The music is curated by Stella Mozgawa and features original compositions from Folick, Lucius, Alison Mosshart, and others.

Season one, directed by Susanna White and produced by The Forge Entertainment, received acclaim for its irreverence and wit. Apple TV+ continues to establish itself as a platform for premium, compelling content, with a range of drama, comedy, documentaries, and family entertainment. Since its global launch on November 1, 2019, Apple TV+ has rapidly garnered critical acclaim, earning 421 wins and 1,732 award nominations, including successes like “Ted Lasso” and the Oscar-winning “CODA.”

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