Least to Favorite: Beyonce’s Movie Roles Ranked

Least to Favorite: Beyonce's Movie Roles Ranked

There’s no doubt about it, Beyonce is a singer/performer in her own lane. However, when she’s not shocking us with new music and/or video-films; she’s adding to her IMDB page.

Beyonce’s movie roles range from funny to dark and most of the time incorporate a musical sequence. Whether you love the movie or not, we’re here to rank Beyonce’s movie roles. From least liked to our favorite of Beyonce’s movie roles.

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The Pink Panther

Role: Xania

Out of all Beyonce’s roles, her role as Xania while not complex is the most awkward to watch. It could be due to the movie being that bad and probably only successful because she was starring in it, but we could do without this one on on her resume.


Role: Queen Tara

We hate to say it, but we often forget about this role. Yes, she plays the Queen that she is but we’ll always take her voice in person instead of over an animated character.

The Lion King

Role: Nala

While this may be the biggest Beyonce movie role to date, due to the success of the film, Bey’s distinct voice overshadowed her portrayal. I was just waiting for Bey to break out in one of her original songs, not a Lion King song.

The Fighting Temptations

Role: Lilly

Say what you want about The Fighting Temptations but the movie’s soundtrack is a slept-on banger. But the lack of chemistry between Beyonce and Cuba Gooding Jr. just didn’t make the potential romantic interest storyline between the two of the make sense. However the scene above between Beyonce and LaTanya Richardson is still one of the best scene of the film.

Carmen: A Hip Hopera

Role: Carmen Brown

Who doesn’t love this musical film. Yes, it’s a bad, bad film one of those films that it is so bad, it’s obsessively good. And the musical aspect of it makes it a fan favorite. What’s also cool about this role is Beyonce plays an aspiring actress who sings her way through this musical movie.


Role: Sharon

This role is ranked so high because in the film, Beyonce didn’t once flex her vocal abilities and we saw her portray a more violent side. Solange may have put her hands on Jay in the elevator but Beyonce showed in this movie, both Knowles sisters got hands.


Role: Deena Jones

Yes, this Beyonce movie role, like many listed on here are filled with moments in which she displayed her incredible vocals. However with this film, there were a range of emotions behind each song and as you watched, Beyonce also delivered each song with unmatched emotions.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Role: Foxxy Cleopatra

You can tell this is one of Beyonce’s movie roles is probably her favorite to play. Her lines were fun and her role was cool, a role which she embodied effortlessly. And we can hear here say “Foxxy Cleopatra” on repeat and never get tired of it. Her and Mike Myers were an unlikely great duo.

Cadillac Records

Role: Etta James

Beyonce’s dark portrayal of Etta James doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should. It is the rare role that allows fans to see that if Beyonce really wanted to pursue acting full-time, she definitely has the talent for it.

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