Brian White, Brandon T Jackson, Danielle Nicolet Lead Cast of ‘The Life of Me’

Brian White, Brandon T Jackson, Danielle Nicolet Lead Cast of 'The Life of Me'

In a bold move aimed at expanding its audience reach, the Impact Network, formerly known for its faith and gospel-centered programming, has announced a strategic shift towards family-friendly lifestyle entertainment tailored specifically for Black audiences. This transformation comes alongside the unveiling of the network’s inaugural “Impact Original” movie, titled “The Life of Me.”

Starring Brian White (“Scandal”), Danielle Nicolet (“The Flash”), and Brandon T. Jackson (“Percy Jackson”), the film marks the network’s foray into original content production under its newly established “Impact Originals” collection. Reece Odum, Mandela Van Peebles also star in the feature.

“The Life of Me” narrates the journey of Marcus Banks (portrayed by White), a wealthy real estate magnate who, disillusioned by his family’s unethical business practices, embarks on a quest for self-discovery, genuine companionship, and authentic love. Fleeing his opulent lifestyle, Marcus assumes a new identity as “Dom” and finds solace in a quaint small town, where he encounters Kennedy (played by Nicolet), a resilient single mother striving to sustain her family’s legacy amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Marcus endeavors to shield his newfound community from his family’s avaricious schemes, he must confront his past, confront his identity, and redefine his future. Jackson will portray Simon, the ruthless enforcer of the Banks family, while Reece Odum takes on the role of Jasmine, Marcus’ ambitious sister, and Van Peebles portrays Kennedy’s brother, Daniel.

Directed and written by Ty Manns, and produced in collaboration with Manns Mackie Studios, “The Life of Me” embodies Impact Network’s commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment that resonates with Black audiences. Executive producers Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and Royal Jackson spearhead this groundbreaking endeavor, which was filmed on location in Nashville, TN.

The release of “The Life of Me” heralds a new era for Impact Network, which aims to bridge the gap in the entertainment landscape by offering compelling narratives that reflect the diverse experiences and aspirations of Black communities. Partnering with Zerogravity for distribution, the network reinforces its dedication to amplifying authentic voices and narratives within the industry.

Founded in 2010 by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and Beverly Jackson, the Impact Network has evolved from its roots in religious broadcasting to become a pioneering force in family-friendly entertainment. With Royal Jackson at the helm as chief creative officer since 2022, the network’s strategic pivot underscores its commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

As Impact Network continues to redefine the boundaries of storytelling, “The Life of Me” serves as a testament to the network’s unwavering dedication to uplifting and empowering Black audiences worldwide.

White is represented by Zero Gravity Management, Buchwald, Strategic PR, and Eric Feig Entertainment & Media Law; Nicolet by Link Entertainment, Vault Entertainment, Strategic PR, and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher; and Jackson by Zero Gravity Management, Buchwald, and RMG.

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