Tracee Ellis Ross’ Blurs The Lines of Integrity in Journalism Thriller [TRAILER]

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Tracee Ellis Ross and Bel Powley lead a gripping exploration of journalistic ambition and integrity in Cold Copy. Cold Copy which premiered at Sundance in 2023 and later acquired by Vertical will premiere in select theaters and on VOD, January 26.

Directed by Roxine Helberg, the movie follows the story of Mia Scott (Bel Powley), an ambitious journalism student, as she competes for the attention of seasoned news reporter Diane Heger (Tracee Ellis Ross).

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The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Mia decides to manipulate the story of a precocious teen, Igor Nowak (Jacob Tremblay), in an attempt to impress Diane. The film promises to delve into the complexities of journalism, questioning the boundaries of truth and ethical reporting.

The first trailer for “Cold Copy” introduces viewers to the intense world of journalism, where Diane Heger asserts, “Journalism isn’t a vocation; it’s a persona.” The mentor-mentee dynamic between Diane and Mia unfolds, with glimpses of manipulation and the blurred lines between truth and storytelling.

Nesta Cooper, James Tupper, and Ekaterina Baker round out the cast. Check out the trailer below and check it out on January 26th.

Writer-director Roxine Helberg emphasizes the theme of the personal cost of truth manipulation, stating, “In making my first feature, I set out to explore the personal cost of the manipulation of truth.” The film’s producers, including Helberg, Justin Lothrop, Brent Stiefel, and Daniel Bekerman, are excited to present a narrative that challenges traditional notions of heroism and morality.

Ross also starred in recent awards contender American Fiction and holiday hit Candy Cane Lane. Powley has earned numerous award nominations for her work as Miep Gies in 2023 miniseries A Small Light.

Cold Copy is in select theaters and on demand Jan. 26.

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