Cross: Alona Tal, Johnny Ray Gill, Eloise Mumford Join Aldis Hodge in Amazon’s Alex Cross Series

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Alona Tal, Johnny Ray Gill, and Eloise Mumford have joined Amazon’s Alex Cross series Cross. The series which is led by Aldis Hodge in the titular role focuses on Cross trying to solve difficult cases while attempting to maintain a relationship with his family.

Isaiah Mustafa and Ryan Eggold also star in Cross.

Nzingha Stewart will direct and executive produce the first two episodes of Cross, which is based on James Patterson’s series of novels by the same name.

Cross will center on Hodge’s title character, a detective and forensic psychologist who’s uniquely capable of digging into the minds of killers and victims in order to identify and catch them. A doting father and family man, Cross is single-minded to the point of obsession when he hunts killers. He is desperate for love, but his wife’s murder has left him too damaged to receive it.

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Tal will play Kayla Craig, a brilliant, determined, and abrasive FBI agent with a sharp sense of humor who aims to recruit Cross into the bureau… and possibly her bed. Beneath Kayla’s flirtation is deep esteem for Cross, along with a desire to be seen as his investigative equal.

Gill will play Bobby Trey, who is described as deadly, compact, and cunning. A Louisiana native whose diesel engine is always running, Johnny is an ex-police officer who now works for Ed Ramsey (Ryan Eggold). He is motivated by the dollar and takes great pride in finishing everything he starts.

Mumford will play Shannon Witmer, who is described as Smart, witty, and resourceful, as well as a frustrated dreamer with artistic aspirations. When she meets the worldly Ed Ramsey, Shannon is intrigued by his charm and connections. But her interest leads to terror when she discovers Ramsey’s true intentions.

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Mustafa will play John Sampson, also known as “Two-John” and as “Man-Mountain.” He is Alex’s partner on the force and best friend of 30 years. Full of swagger and larger than life, he believes that Cross is at a crisis point and needs to seek professional help.

Eggold will play Ed Ramsey, whose humble Midwest roots are the core of his irresistible charm, but he’s got elbows sharp enough to carve out space in the elite social and political circles of D.C. and New York. Ramsey is described as smooth, well-connected and devious; he also can be physically imposing when he needs to be and has some very dark secrets. While initially a fan of Cross, Ramsey soon becomes a formidable adversary.


The series which comes from Paramount Television Studios and Skydance Television has been in the works for more than two years. but was recently given a series by Amazon order last month. Hodge is a producer in addition to starring. Ben Watkins serves as showrunner and executive produces the series alongside Sam Ernst, Jim Dunn, Craig Siebels, James Patterson, Bill Robinson, Patrick Santa, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Matt Thunell.

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The Cross character is featured in 29 novels by Patterson with the Alex Cross book series has been adapted into three feature films. Morgan Freeman was the first actor to bring the character to life in 1997’s Kiss The Girls and again in 2001’s Along Came a Spider. Tyler Perry followed with the 2012 reboot film Alex Cross.

Cross is the third Prime Video series for Paramount TV Studios and Skydance TV, after Jack Ryan and Reacher. Like Cross, the others are also based on best-selling novel series.

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