Danny Glover Joins Wesley Snipes in New Series Paper Empire

paper empire

Danny Glover and Richard Grieco are joining Wesley Snipes among others in Robert Gilling’s new series Paper Empire. Denise Richards, Robert Davi, Steve Guttenberg, Michael Nouri, Robert Knepper, and Anne Archer are also starring in the picture.

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Robert Gillings also wrote and directed the series that follows Laurence Fintch (Davi) of Fintch Wealth Management Services. He has become one of the greatest financial fraudsters through the use of his “Digital Limbo” cryptocurrency blockchain technology. After an FBI pursuit, Fintch is taken into custody and ends up behind bars but hatches a plan for a daring breakout to redefine the digital world.

This project has been in the works for a few years with the first eight episodes have been completed. Production is set to resume for the filming of two additional episodes.

Snipes is cast as Damon Moore an infamous business executive and Chairman of one of the Big Four American Banks and one of Fintch’s victims. Moore has his own ideas how to handle Fintch’s betrayal. Guttenberg is cast as Fintch’s long time friend and firm accountant Saule. He discovers the fraud, blows the whistle, and assists the FBI Director (Archer) in a sting style operation just in time as Fintch is hours from vanishing forever.

Richards plays Bentley, Fintch’s wife. She reconnects with her ex-husband William Haines, AKA Noir (Gillings) to begin her quest of breaking her husband out of a medium security prison so she and Fintch could be reunited with the stolen money, the hidden billions.

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Details on Danny Glover and Richard Grieco’s roles have yet to be revealed.

Hannibal Pictures recently acquired Paper Empire during this year’s European Film Market. Michael Tadross Jr., Bernard Salzman, David Ruggieri, and Edward Pershing serve as executive producers on the show, which is currently seeking distribution.

Check out the trailer below.

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