Debbie Allen is Adding Talk Show Host to her Resume — New Show Hello Being Shopped Around

Debbie Allen is Adding Talk Show Host to her Resume -- New Show Hello Being Shopped Around

What can’t Debbie Allen do. Debbie Allen is adding talk show host to her resume with her upcoming new series Hello. It was recently acquired by Scott Koondel’s Sox Entertainment and is being shopped around for a home on a streaming platform.

Allen will host Hello in which she will host hour-long episodes that is described as informative, inspiring, sometimes painful and laugh-out-loud funny. The award-winning director will conduct one-on-one conversations with top artists, authors, writers and directors. Her list of guest include but is not limited to her sister Phylicia Rashad, longtime collaborator Shonda Rhimes, Tyler Perry, Ava DuVernay, Whoopi Goldberg and Stevie Wonder.

Additional episodes will be taped and added to the series.

“Hello is a series of interviews in which the iconic talent Debbie Allen has a intimate conversation with another entertainment icon,” said Koondel. “I’m thrilled for Sox Entertainment to distribute this phenomenal series as we now enter the talk genre at the highest level of talent.”

Allen’s list of talents is long. She is an actress, dancer, choreographer, singer-songwriter, director, producer, and a former member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Allen is best known for her work in the musical-drama television series Fame, producing, directing, and guest starring in A Different World, and starring in the NBC sitcom In the House. Her most recent credits are as Dr. Catherine Avery in the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy where she also serves as an executive producer/director.

She has been nominated 20 times for an Emmy Award (winning five), two Tony Awards, and has also won a Golden Globe Award. And for over 20 years she has taught young dancers at her Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles.

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