TI, Joseph Sikora, Annie ILonzeh and More to Star in Deon Taylor’s Horror Film Fear [TRAILER]


TI, Joseph Sikora, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Terrence J, Ruby Modine, Annie Ilonzeh, Jessica Allain, and Iddo Goldberg are all starring in Deon Taylor’s horror picture Fear.

Deon Taylor directed and co-write the psychological thriller about a celebratory weekend turning into a nightmare alongside John Ferry. Fear hits theaters on January 27, 2023

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Fear centers on a group of people who after a year into living through a worldwide pandemic, a group of friends gather in the remote Tahoe Mountains, to stay at the “Historic Strawberry Lodge”. What was supposed to be a much needed getaway and celebratory weekend, quickly turns into a waking nightmare. As the truth about the historic lodge slowly unravels in front of them, this group of friends will be pushed to the brink of survival as each one of the guests has to face their own worst fear thanks to a powerful force inside the hotel.

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The Fear isn’t the first time Taylor dabbed into the horror-thriller genre as he has quite a few horrors under his belt. His directorial debut was the 2007 slasher Dead Tone. As well as he directed the horror anthology film franchise Nite Tales. He also helmed the 2010 slasher Chain Letter and last year’s The Intruder. He also directed the Mike Epps-led horror-comedy Meet the Blacks which was a spoof of The Purge.

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