Anthony Hemingway, Michael Cooke, Anthony J Davis Team up For Documentary Sugar Daddy


Anthony Hemingway, Michael Cooke, Anthony J Davis are teaming up to shed a light on the “sweet poison within the Black community” Anthony Hemingway and his production company, Anthony Hemingway Productions, will serve as producers on the upcoming documentary film “Sugar Daddy.”

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Michael Cooke is directing and Anthony J. Davis is executive producing the documentary that will examine the impact of the overconsumption of sugar within the Black community in an effort to raise awareness about this alarming epidemic. Carla Dupont is the writer for the project.

The official synopsis for the documentary reads:

Sugar, yummy and sweet. To youngsters, sugar, most widely associated with candy, a sweet confection of which sugar is the main component, represents a fun, tasty dance across the tastebuds. Chocolate, lollipops, and assorted desserts are laden with sugar, pretty shapes, and fun colors to enhance the taste response, keeping eaters begging for consumption.

‘Sugar’ beckons a different response when used in reference to the health condition diabetes. Along with other illnesses such as kidney disease and obesity, the gateway to most preventable health issues begins with the dining table. Over consumption is a global epidemic that multiplies and compounds disease, causing a domino effect leading to death at a higher rate in the African-American community. Why? Because dietary preferences that adorn tables in the aforementioned community are derived from cultural influences and necessity.

Sugar Daddy delves into how African-American communities have historically been a dumping ground for sugar and sugary foods. Ease of access and affordability causes blacks to fall prey to the temptation of overly sweetened edibles with empty calorie counts. Despite knowledge of health concerns derived from sugar, transitioning to healthier options is met with resistance.

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With Black Americans being diagnosed with diabetes 60% more often than adult White Americans, Hemingway is committed to using his platform to raise awareness about this critical issue.

In a statement, Hemingway said, “I founded Anthony Hemingway Productions to tell stories that have the power to galvanize a community, educate people, and change lives. That’s what we plan to do as we investigate and highlight the disproportionate impact of sugar on the health of Black Americans, and what can be done to stop this alarming epidemic.”

Joining Hemingway in the fight is Davis, a crew member on the hit series “P-Valley,” who has personally witnessed the harm caused by sugar-related health complications among friends and family. Together, Hemingway and Davis, along with a team of healthcare professionals, hope to bring much-needed attention to this critical issue.

The Sugar Daddy team is currently campaigning to reach their goal of $20k. Pledges will be sent directly to the film’s production account. Every level will receive a thank you from a team member as well as exclusive project updates.

Check out their trailer for Sugar Daddy and donate to their project here: https://www.sugardaddydoc.com/

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