Upcoming Film ‘Driven’ Chronicles the Legacy of C.R. Patterson and Son’s Company, The First Black-Owned Automaker

Upcoming Film 'Driven' Chronicles the Legacy of C.R. Patterson and Son's Company, The First Black-Owned Automaker

Bright Morning Star Films, Paradestormer Productions, and Silver Screen Indie, are teaming up for a new film inspired by Christopher Nelson’s acclaimed book, “The C.R. Patterson and Son’s Company Black Pioneers in the Vehicle Building Industry, 1865-1939”. The book gained attention after being featured on the popular TV show “The View”.

Titled “Driven”, the upcoming feature film will delve into the remarkable journey of Frederick Patterson, who made history in 1915 by introducing the Patterson-Greenfield touring car and roadster models, thus becoming the first and only Black-owned automaker. Alongside the feature film, a documentary exploring the same subject matter is also in the works.

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Set against the backdrop of late 19th and early 20th century America, the narrative revolves around the Patterson and Son’s automotive company, showcasing Frederick Patterson’s groundbreaking contributions to the automotive industry. The film promises to depict the challenges faced by early African American entrepreneurs in a predominantly white business landscape, while also celebrating their resilience and achievements.

The storyline will highlight Frederick Patterson’s multifaceted life, spanning education, politics, sports, and his role as a trailblazing business figure during a tumultuous era. With a focus on overcoming obstacles and breaking down racial barriers, the script aims to capture the essence of the American Dream.

Christopher Nelson, the author behind the source material, has invested extensive time and effort into researching the Patterson family’s legacy, amassing over 2000 hours of invaluable historical insights. Collaborating with Johnny Reeves, Nelson will co-write the screenplay based on his meticulous research.

Taking the helm as executive producer is Christopher Nelson, with Bright Morning Star Films leading the production charge alongside Paradestormer Productions. The project boasts a talented lineup of producers including Jack Hager, Joan Uselman, Michael Giancana, and Nick Monroe. Johnny Reeves and Weiss Night will spearhead the direction and cinematography for the film.

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