The 11 Best and Worst Eddie Murphy Films

Eddie Murphy films

Do you agree with our list of the 11 best and worst Eddie Murphy films of his career?

The multi-hyphenated man has hit some major home runs in his career. Whether it be his stand up or his directorial debut film, Harlem Nights. But as many amazing films he’s starred in — it’s about 48 — there are a bad films of Eddie Murphy’s Career. Like the forever mentioned Pluto Nash, by Murphy himself.

Out of his many movies check out  11 best and worst Eddie Murphy films of his career and let us know if you agree in the comment section.

11 Best Eddie Murphy films (in no particular order)

dolemite Eddie Murphy films

Dolemite is My Name

Ranked: Best

His latest project was not only one of his best but also a significant role to make a comeback with.

dr Dolittle Eddie Murphy films

Dr. Dolittle

Ranked: Best

Murphy did such a good job with this franchise that many don’t even realize it’s a remake and those that do give him more kudos for his version than the original version.

dream girls Eddie Murphy films


Ranked: Best

It goes without saying that Jimmi Early deserved an Oscar win.


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the nutty professor Eddie Murphy films

Nutty Professor

Ranked: Best

Buddy Love, Sherman Klump, The Klump dinner, Dave Chappelle…do we need to go on?



Ranked: Best

While the storyline was great, Mushu helped take it over the top with his comedic relief, making Mulan one of the best Disney movies.

48 Hours

Ranked: Best

Whenever you talk about great movies of Eddie Murphy’s career you have to include the movie that launched his film career.

coming to America Eddie Murphy films

Coming to America

Ranked: Best

Eddie Murphy’s film Coming to America is the first time we saw how he can transform into many characters and embody each character perfectly.

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Ranked: Best
The relationship of man and woman, when the woman does the man how men do woman. It’s an original and classic storyline, love the movie.

trading places

Trading Places

Ranked: Best

Eddie Murphy played the perfect down and out who gets a chance to switch places with a wealthy man, Dan Aykroyd. The two actors made this movie the great film that it is today.

Harlem Nights

Ranked: Best

Everything about this movie is great from the cast of iconic comedians to the storyline. But it’s also special because it is the only movie Murphy directed.

beverly hill cops

Beverly Hill Cops

Ranked: Best

This was one of Murphy’s first franchise films. He really took this role to the box office and it helped shape his career which would go on to be iconic.

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10 Worst Films of Eddie Murphy’s Career

Holy Man

Ranked: Worst

It could’ve been really great. But it wasn’t and that’s why it’s one of the the worst Eddie Murphy films of his career.

Vampire in Brooklyn

Ranked: Worst

While some audiences may find it funny, and there are moments, but the overall film feels rushed.


Shrek Forever After

Ranked: Worst

The first two Shreks are classic. The last one, not so much.

the haunted mansion Eddie Murphy films


Ranked: Worst

You will get a few laughs but overall nothing compared to his other projects.

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Ranked: Worst

The numbers do the talking, it took in $7 million on a $100 million budget.

I Spy

Ranked: Worst

I spy, with my little eye, a terrible film starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

The Haunted Mansion

Ranked: Worst

The special effects at the time are the saving grace for this film.

Meet Dave

Ranked: Worst

It’s safe to say that nobody wants to meet Dave and Eddie Murphy’s kryptonite is accents.

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Imagine That

Ranked: Worst

Out of the many Eddie Murphy films that cater to the whole family, this is one of the few that keeps anyone entertained all the way through. Or at least paying attention.

Tower Heist

Ranked: Worst

While there were a few geniune laughs, the film as a whole was a dud.

1000 words Eddie Murphy films

A Thousand Words

Ranked: Worst
There are too many movies that have done this concept well like Liar, Liar; that it makes you really loathe this Eddie Murphy film that is of the same vein.


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