Dominic Sherwood, McKinley Belcher, and More Cast in Eraser Remake, Eraser: Reborn

eraser: reborn

Another day, another remake, this time Hollywood is rebooting the 1996 action film, Eraser, titling it Eraser: Reborn.

Dominic Sherwood stars as the lead in the Warner Bros remake, a role Arnold Schwarzenegger originally held. McKinley Belcher III, Jacky Lai, and Eddie Ramos also star in the film.

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The reboot follows Mason Pollard (Sherwood), a US Marshal who specializes in faking the deaths of high profile witnesses, leaving behind no trace of their existence.

Hunt Lowry and Patty Reed are producing the film.

Directed by John Pogue, Eraser: Reborn was shot “under the rader” over the summer and is currently in post-production. Eraser: Reborn will not premiere in theaters, instead coming to home video via Warner Bros Home Entertainment with a likely release window of spring 2022.

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Similar to the reboot, the original 1996 version centered on John Kruger (Schwarzenegger), a witness protection specialist who grew suspicious of his fellow workers after a case involving high-tech weaponry. Vanessa Williams also starred in the film as the witness he must protect aka erase.

The Chuck Russell-directed action-thriller grossed around $240 million off an estimated $100M budget and scored an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound Effects. James Caan and James Coburn also starred.

If you want to check out the original ahead of its reboot, you can currently (as of Sept 18) watch it on HBOMax

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