Forest Whitaker, Danielle Deadwyler Join Cast of Adam McKay’s Average Height, Average Build

average height, average build

Forest Whitaker, Danielle Deadwyler join Adam McKay’s next project ‘Average Height, Average Build.’

The film which also stars Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, and Robert Downey Jr. is being described as a blend of comedy and serial killer thriller, with a unique twist. The killer in question uses political lobbyists to change laws to make it easier for them to commit murders. The project aims to tackle issues of crime and corruption, which are pertinent topics in today’s world.

McKay has written the script and will direct the film, which he has been working on for quite some time.

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Despite the impressive cast and McKay’s track record of success, the project is facing challenges getting picked up by studios. Some have already passed on it, while others are taking their time to crunch numbers. One reason for this reluctance could be the starry cast, which would require significant up-front buy-outs if the film were to go to a streaming service. Additionally, there is a particular challenge in releasing a dark political comedy in the current theatrical landscape, according to insiders at other studios.

McKay has reassured studios that the film would appeal to both sides of the political spectrum, but not everyone is convinced. Even Apple, where McKay has a first-look deal, has not jumped on board. This reluctance from studios highlights the risk aversion that currently exists in Hollywood, with streamers being less willing to throw around the big money that they did just two years ago to attract A-list talent.

Despite the challenges, McKay is planning to shoot the film in Boston in late summer. The project does not yet have a studio on board to finance or distribute it. McKay has already lined up key below-the-line talent, including cinematographer Todd Banhazl, who worked on his HBO series, Winning Time.

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The film’s impressive cast is composed mainly of newcomers to McKay’s brand of big-issue comedy, save for Adams, who worked with McKay on his Dick Cheney movie, Vice. Pattinson, who last starred in The Batman, and Adams, who was most recently seen in the Disney sequel Disenchanted, have both signed on to the project. Downey will next be seen in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, while Whitaker is currently shooting Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis. Deadwyler garnered much attention this awards season for her role as Mamie Till-Mobley in Till.

McKay’s latest project, Average Height, Average Build, promises to be another thought-provoking and entertaining film. With its unique blend of genres and star-studded cast, the project is sure to be eagerly anticipated by audiences worldwide. Despite the challenges facing the project, it is clear that McKay is committed to bringing this exciting story to life on the big screen.

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