13 Friday Movie Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

friday movie facts

Today marks a special day in the world of movies – it’s the anniversary of the classic comedy film “Friday”! This movie has become a cultural touchstone for generations, and we’re here to celebrate its impact with 13 interesting”Friday” movie facts that you probably don’t know.

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20 Days

With only a $3.5 million budget, Friday was shot in 20 days.

Friday movie facts


Ice Cube wrote the script in three days and he co-wrote this classic with DJ Pooh who played Red in the movie.


Friday movie facts

Based on True Life

According to Ice Cube, a majority of the film is autobiographical, with much of it being based on events that occurred in his neighborhood growing up. Smokey was based on DJ Pooh’s stint as a drug dealer, while Craig being fired on his day off was based on Ice Cube’s cousin, who was working as a delivery driver for United Parcel Service (UPS) at the time.

Friday movie facts

Childhood Home

The movie was filmed on director F. Gary Gray’s childhood street on 126th Street between Normandie and Halldale Avenues in Los Angeles. The scene where Deebo punches Red was shot outside Gary Gray’s childhood home.

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Same Clothes, Different Movie

The clothes Cube wore in the first scene of Friday are the same ones he wore in the last scene of Boyz in the Hood.

Friday movie facts

Director Cameo

Gray makes a cameo in the movie playing the man mopping the store floor who shuts down Ezal’s fake fall.

Friday movie facts

Film First

Friday was the late Micheal Clarke Duncan and Meagan Good’s first movie roles. Duncan played one of the guys playing craps with Smokey and Deebo before the knockout scene. Good starred as the little girl at the ice cream truck that Smokey moves out the way. And in some cuts she is one of the two kids in the opening scene of the film.

Friday movie facts

Mrs. Parker

According to Kathleen Bradley, she was immediately considered for the role of the sultry Mrs. Parker when Ice Cube saw her on The Price Is Right (1972), where she was one of Barker’s Beauties at the time. He pointed her out to his production company and said, “I want that sista!”. Bradley was 43 years old at the time of filming.

Friday movie facts

Who to Play Smokey?

Before Chris Tucker landed the infamous role of Smokey, Chris Rock and Tommy Davidson were considered (via NY TImes). However Gray fought for the far less known Tucker to play the role. He also improvised most of his lines in the film, which impressed everyone.

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Friday movie facts

Smokey Didn’t Get High

Chris Tucker revealed to the AV Club that he didn’t smoke while shooting, “you can’t make a movie high. Naw, I didn’t stay in character, but it was a good movie to do. We had a lot of fun.”

I’m Not Moving

In the flashback scene of Smokey smoking with Hector, there are two men in the background. They lived in the neighborhood and wouldn’t move when asked, not even after money was offered, so they shot the film with the guys in the background.

Friday movie facts

Music First

Friday was the first movie that used Rick James’ Mary Jane in a movie.


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