Ice Cube Speaks on Why The Fourth Friday Film Has Never Been Done

Ice Cube Speaks on Why The Fourth Friday Film Has Never Been Done

It has been 27 years since we were first introduced to the Friday franchise and still the question remains, “where’s the fourth Friday film?”

For years — nearly years to be exact — fans have been waiting for the follow up to the hilarious Friday After Next. And since that time franchise staples John Witherspoon, Tommy Lister Jr., and A.J. Johnson passed away, leading fans to deduce that the film may never come into fruition.

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While speaking on the Drink Champs hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN podcast at LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells festival, Cube further confirmed that we may never get the last film.

According to Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson), Warner Bros. holds distribution rights to the Friday films. And has since rejected two scripts he presented to them.

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The first one had a jail plot in which Craig (Cube) and Day Day (Mike Epps) went to jail for selling marijuana; prior to it being legal. As well as one in which, “the youngsters in the hood having beef with the OGs, and Craig has to come back and squash that. Smokey’s (Chris Tucker) son is the new Deebo (Tommy Lister Jr.), and he’s wilding.”

Cube further discussed whether Chris Tucker confirmed to star in it as well as sequels to his other projects All About the Benjamins and his 1998 film The Players Club.

Watch it below.

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