Jada Pinkett Smith’s Upcoming Memoir ‘Worthy’ to Address “Everything”: “I have to take ownership of the narrative… the falsehoods about myself”

Jada Pinkett Smith is set to release her memoir titled “Worthy” this fall. In conjunction with the book launch, Jada is going on a book tour that will allow her to connect with fans and share her personal journey firsthand.

During an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Jada expressed her excitement about her forthcoming book and book tour, describing it as “an adventure, a search for love and self-worth.” She emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for her own narrative, stating, “I have to take ownership of the narrative… the falsehoods about myself… In the book, I really explain all of that extensively as part of my reclamation journey. Many of us lose ourselves in narratives that are not completely forthright.”

Jada revealed that she began the writing process for “Worthy” in December 2021, long before the rumors surrounding her marriage to Will Smith and the 2022 Oscars began swirling. She credited divine advice for inspiring her to embrace her story with grace and love, not only for herself but also for others.

Despite receiving numerous encouragements over the years to write a memoir, Jada initially doubted the worthiness of her own journey. However, seeing her experiences come to life on paper made her realize the profound impact and richness of her life. The memoir promises to offer readers a deeper understanding of her experiences, making them marvel at the incredible life she has led.

“Worthy,” the title of the memoir, holds deep significance for Jada. She believes that every journey is worthy, and individuals often lose sight of their own self-worth along the way. Through her book, Jada aims to authentically explore her own struggle to find self-worth, which she believes will surprise readers the most.

The question arises whether everything will be covered in the book. Jada confidently answers with a simple “Everything.” However, she clarifies that the book is not intended for the so-called “haters” but for those genuinely interested in her journey. She acknowledges that some moments known to the public will be broken down in the context of her self-reclamation. Those who are not interested can simply choose not to read the book, while those who are can eagerly anticipate its availability.

Jada addresses the blame she has received and the controversies surrounding her, highlighting the importance of escaping blame by knowing the truth and avoiding self-judgment. In the book, she takes accountability for the misunderstandings and hopes that it will enhance readers’ perspectives on their own lives.

As for her talk show, Red Table Talk, Jada assures fans that it will return despite the hiatus caused by the closure of Facebook Watch. She reveals that multiple platforms have expressed interest, and she is exploring innovative avenues for its revival.

The book tour, which commences in October, adds another exciting dimension to Jada’s upcoming endeavors. Fans will have the opportunity to see her in person and connect with her on a more personal level as she travels to various cities across the United States.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, “Worthy,” promises to be a captivating exploration of her life and the quest for self-worth. With the release of her book and the announcement of her book tour, Jada is poised to inspire readers, address assumptions, and reclaim her narrative.

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