Jamie Foxx to Portray God in Spoof-Comedy Not Another Church Movie

Jamie Foxx is set to portray God in the upcoming comedy “Not Another Church Movie,” directed by Johnny Mack. He will share the screen with Mickey Rourke, who plays the Devil. The film also stars Kevin Daniels, Vivica A. Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, Kyla Pratt, and Lamorne Morris.

The movie was shot prior to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes and is aiming for a theatrical release in Q4. The story revolves around Taylor Pharry (played by Kevin Daniels), an ambitious young man with a divine mission to share his family’s stories and inspire his community. Unbeknownst to Taylor, the Devil has his own plans.

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Produced by Monty the Dog Productions and directed by James Michael Cummings, “Not Another Church Movie” promises a laughter-filled journey through Taylor’s life. The film pays tribute to comedic icons like Keenan Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsend, and Tyler Perry, offering a fresh take on parody comedy.

Johnny Mack penned the script, and producers include James Michael Cummings, Jim Cardwell, and Paul Saleba. Valerie McCaffrey serves as the executive producer, contributing her expertise to the project. Jamie Foxx’s involvement in the film has been met with excitement, and the collaboration with Johnny Mack is considered a true blessing.

Foxx, known for his roles in films like “Ray,” “Collateral,” “Django Unchained,” and “Dreamgirls,” brings his incredible talent to the role of God. His recent projects, including the vampire hunter horror comedy “Day Shift” and the acclaimed sci-fi comedy “They Cloned Tyrone,” showcase his versatile acting skills.

As the film captures the essence of comedy and creativity, it joins a lineup of Foxx’s impressive work. His dedication to the craft and his ability to embody diverse roles continue to captivate audiences.



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