Exclusive Interview: Josh Bonzie and Jayden Elijah Discuss Their Roles in Hulu’s ‘Saint X’ [NOW STREAMING]


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Josh Bonzie and Jayden Elijah about their roles in the Hulu series ‘Saint X’.

‘Saint X’ is an adaptation of Alexis Schaitkin’s novel of the same name and was developed by developed by Leila Gerstein for Hulu. The series follows the aftermath of a young woman’s mysterious death and how it creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth. The show is slightly twisted, but highly entertaining and takes the audience on a journey through complex themes such as racism, privilege, and exploitation.

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During the interview, we discussed Josh and Jayden’s roles as Clive (Gogo) and Edwin in the show. We delved into their thoughts on the complexity of their characters and their experiences filming ‘Saint X’.

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat while also exploring important themes, then ‘Saint X’ is definitely worth checking out. The first three episodes are available now on Hulu, and you can hear more about the show and its talented cast by tuning into our interview with Josh Bonzie and Jayden Elijah.

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