BET+ Sets February Premiere Date For Comedian KevOnStage’s New Series ‘Churchy’ [TRAILER]

churchy trailer

BET+ is set to premiere “Churchy,” a new series created by comedian Kevin “KevonStage” Frederick on February 15, featuring a cast including Anthony Elfoniza, Lexi Allen, London Solomon, Mark J. P. Hood, and Shani Shockley.

The show follows Corey Carr Jr. (Kevin Fredericks), who experiences an unexpected twist in his life when he is passed over for leadership of his father’s mega-church. Determined to prove his worth, Corey heads to Lubbock, Texas, with the goal of building his own ministry. However, he quickly realizes that small-town church life is a different ball game, leading him to discover that the path to spiritual leadership may be funnier and more profound than any sermon.

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Fredericks expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “You dream to make TV shows, to ‘make it in the industry,’ but you can’t possibly imagine how it feels when it actually happens.” He emphasized the significance of partnering with BET and SpringHill, calling it more than he bargained for.

“I can’t think of a platform that has more of a people who are looking for this content than BET. It’s just a match made in heaven,” Fredericks added.

Lezlie Wills, SpringHill’s head of scripted TV, highlighted the perfect timing and the opportunity to explore a new genre with “Churchy.” She mentioned, “‘Churchy’ stood out so clearly to us for a few reasons. One, this is a lane that Kevin and Melissa’s brand is so perfectly aligned for. That is their background as individuals, so it was just very authentic for him to step into this space too.”

Regarding the show’s light-hearted nature, Wills stated, “it’s a ton of fun, and we’re having a ton of fun at SpringHill.”

Fredericks, Melissa, and Jason Fredericks are the executive producers for KevOnStage Studios, alongside LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson, and Lezlie Wills for The SpringHill Company.

For a sneak peek, check out the official trailer below and save the date for February 15 to watch “Churchy,” exclusively on BET+.

(Originally read on Variety)

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