Meet The Smiths (Not Those Smiths) In New Featurette and Special Letter From Show Co-Creator

meet the smiths

The countdown to the reimagined “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” series, featuring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, has officially begun, with Prime Video releasing a tantalizing featurette and a heartfelt letter from co-creator Francesca Sloane.

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Scheduled to premiere all eight episodes on February 2, 2024, the series takes a bold twist on the classic spy thriller, portraying two undercover agents, played by Glover and Erskine, who unexpectedly find love while navigating the high-stakes world of espionage.

Michaela Coel, John Turturro, and Paul Dano, also star in the series.

Accompanying the featurette, the co-creator of the series, Francesca Sloane, shared an insightful letter with fans. In the letter, Sloane reflected on the unconventional nature of the show and the initial skepticism surrounding the decision to reimagine the iconic story. She emphasized the creative choice to focus on the human elements of the characters, exploring their relationship, marriage, and the complexities of love amidst spy stakes.

Sloane delved into the inspiration behind the series, drawing influences from classic spy genres, Hitchcock, Bergman, and even modern reality shows like “Married At First Sight.” The co-creator highlighted the intention to subvert traditional rom-com and spy thriller tropes, promising viewers an engaging journey filled with humor, relatable moments, and unexpected twists.

In the letter, Sloane passionately expressed the creative approach to the show, saying, “What would a series feel like if our heroes weren’t the two most beautiful people on the planet, but instead, were two lonely people, two underdogs, wanting more from life than what they currently had?” She also touched on the motivation behind the project, stating, “As artists I think it’s typical to begin a creative journey with a boatload of philosophical questions.”

The letter further discussed the challenges faced by the protagonists, John and Jane Smith, as they transition from ordinary individuals to extraordinary spies. Sloane’s commitment to authenticity shines through, promising a series that explores the in-between moments and human vulnerabilities typically overshadowed by the spectacle of action.

Francesca Sloane expressed gratitude to the audience for choosing to embark on this adventure with “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” acknowledging the saturated landscape of entertainment options. The letter serves as a personal invitation to viewers to experience the show’s unique blend of action, romance, and humor.

As the release date approaches, the anticipation for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” continues to build, fueled by the promise of a fresh take on a classic narrative and the captivating chemistry between Donald Glover and Maya Erskine.

The concept of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” has a storied history, with previous iterations as a short-lived CBS series in 1996 and a blockbuster film in 2005. The upcoming series, led by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane, aims to carve its own path in the legacy of this iconic tale.

Donald Glover, renowned for his work in “Atlanta,” not only takes on the lead role but also serves as co-creator and executive producer. Alongside him, Francesca Sloane, supported by New Regency’s Yariv Milchan and Michael Schaefer, contributes her creative vision as co-creator and showrunner. The collaboration promises a series that transcends expectations, offering a fresh perspective on love, espionage, and the intricate dance between the two.

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