Melvin Gregg Leads in Sci-Fi Thriller “SHARE?” [TRAILER]


Melvin Gregg leads the upcoming sci-fi thriller “SHARE?” The thriller which also stars Bradley Whitford, Alicia Braga, and Danielle Campbell explores a society where entertainment is the primary currency.

The film’s plot revolves around a man who wakes up alone in a world connected by a primitive computer network. Struggling to survive, he grapples with a fading and unreliable memory of his life before this peculiar existence. As the story unfolds, he discovers that his unseen audience rewards his moments of humiliation and pain most generously. This realization prompts him to craft a self-destructive comedic persona, not only for survival but for thriving in this new world.

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This intriguing world also rewards socialization through video feeds, leading the protagonist to develop relationships with other inhabitants. Those people are cantankerous veteran of the system, played by Whitford. As well as two women, portrayed by Alice Braga and Danielle Campbell, who confront him with opposing worldviews. The central dilemma of the film emerges: should he accept his confinement and seek happiness within it, or should he engage in a seemingly unwinnable war against the system that holds him captive?

What makes “SHARE?” stand out is its unique approach to filmmaking. It is the first feature film shot entirely from a single fixed camera angle. It offers viewers an immersive experience where they become a character within the movie. The film provides a cutting satire of contemporary life, showcasing how humans adapt to and manipulate technology. It’s a chilling examination of how survival often hinges on the stories we tell.

“SHARE?” is a sci-fi mystery directed by Ira Rosensweig and written by Benjamin Sutor, based on a story by Ira Rosensweig and Benjamin Sutor. The film is produced by Carissa Buffel and Kevin Matusow and distributed by XYZ Films.

As “SHARE?” makes its way to select theaters and VOD on November 10th, watch the trailer below.

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