11 Movie Franchises Samuel L. Jackson is Attached To

movie franchises samuel l jackson

Check out how many movie franchises Samuel L. Jackson is attached to.

Samuel L. Jackson holds many titles in Hollywood (most notably his use of the “muthaf**ker” in movies). He’s one of the busiest actors, has over 200 credits under his belt, but also he is attached to some of the most movie franchises. And many of them are also the highest-grossing of all time. It’s safe to say Samuel L. Jackson is one smart muthafker when it comes to picking roles.

Check out all the movie franchises Samuel L. Jackson is attached to below.



Star Wars

Jackson has starred as Mace Windu in “Phantom Menace” (1999) / Attack of the Clones” (2002) / “Revenge of the Sith” (2005).




In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Jackson has starred in many of the film series, continually reprising his role as one-eyed Nick Fury.




The Incredibles

Jackson is one cold-mutha (literally) in the animated kids action franchise as Lucius Best/Frozone.




Jackson stars in the action-packed franchise as Agent Augustus Gibbons for two of the three films.




One thing about Jackson is he hasn’t met a creature from this earth or not that he has not faced. Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard makes an appearance in Kong: Skull Island as an antagonist.




He’s a bad mutha *shut yo mouth* as the title character of this film Franchise. He took over the role from Richard Roundtree and then reprised it again in the most recent version.



Jurassic Park

“Hold on to your butts!” Jackson may not have the biggest role in this franchise as Ray Arnold, the droll engineer in charge of Jurassic Park’s automated rides, but it definitely is memorable.

The Kingsman

Samuel L. Jackson is known for the amount of curse words he uses but maybe we should talk about the lisp he also adapted as Richmond Valentine in the Kingsman franchise.


Samuel L. Jackson gives one of his most eccentric performances in this early film from M Night Shyamalan. He later reprises it in the most recent film of the franchise.


He may not have been apart of the initial 80s franchise, but when the franchise continued in recent years, he joined as Pat Novak.




Die Hard

Jackson has starred as Zeus Carver in the 1995 installment of the film, Die Hard with a Vengeance. That film served as the third film in the movie series.

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