Mansa to Release First Original Series Baselines, Created by Nate Parker [TRAILER]

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Nate Parker’s co-founded streaming service, Mansa, is gearing up to debut its first original series, “Baselines.” The highly anticipated show revolves around a Los Angeles family’s unwavering determination to safeguard their son’s basketball dreams amidst the perils of inner-city life.

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According to IMDB, the cast features notable actors such as Jarrett Ellis, who portrays the lead character Jamiel Chambers, along with Derrick A. King as Tareek Chambers, Malik Yoba as Desmond Chambers, and a talented ensemble including Brandon Garic Notch, Myles Brewer, Victor Cain, Dominic Bogart, and Michael Douglas Goodman.

Created by Parker and set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, “Baselines” delves into the story of Jamiel Chambers, an outstanding high-school basketball player on the verge of breaking free from the grip of relentless poverty that plagues inner city America. Following a remarkable performance leading his team to a second-place finish in the state’s regional tournament, Jamiel’s talent catches the attention of college recruiters and professional agents, attracting intense media scrutiny. The media circus feeds off the uncertainty surrounding Jamiel’s future, sensationalizing the question mark hovering over his basketball career like fervent bookies.

However, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Nick Collins, a troubled individual from a disreputable family residing in the neighboring Irvine, seizes an ill-fated opportunity to exploit Jamiel’s fame. Tragically, his scheme ends in fatal consequences, drawing family members from both sides into a web of events that not only impact Jamiel’s path but also ignite an intense and unforgettable family feud, poised to rock the city to its core.

The gripping four-part series, executive produced by Derek L Fisher and created by Nate Parker, is set to premiere exclusively on Mansa starting Wednesday, June 28. Watch the trailer below.


Mansa, a new streaming platform that features curated global Black cultural content, has emerged from a year-long development and beta phase. The platform, founded by award-winning filmmakers and actors David Oyelowo, Nate Parker, and Chiké Okonkwo, along with tech entrepreneur and film financier Zak Tanjeloff, offers a free, ad-supported streaming service that showcases content celebrating Black culture from around the world. Mansa has raised $8 million in seed funding led by MaC Venture Capital, as well as additional funding from other investors.

Mansa’s core belief is that Black culture is pop culture, and by authentically curating the best in Black culture, it will attract not only Black audiences but broad mass-market audiences as well. The platform separates itself from other platforms by offering a level of transparency unique to the industry, including true ownership and equity for the creators of Mansa Originals.


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