Nicholas Pinnock, Jordan Bolger Lead Fighting Drama ‘Heavyweight’

Nicholas Pinnock, Jordan Bolger Lead Boxing Drama 'Heavyweight'

Nicholas Pinnock and Jordan Bolger are leading the upcoming fighting film Heavyweight.

Christopher M. Anthony is directing the film which also stars Jason Isaacs, Rob Malone, Barry Aird, Joplin Sibtain, Jamie Bamber, Nabil Elouahabi, Blake Harrison, Sienna Guillory, and Osy Ikhile. Blackwater Pictures and Silver Milk Productions have officially started filming for their new feature.

“Heavyweight” explores the mental state of a fighter and his team backstage before a crucial match, focusing on the pressure and challenges they face. Nicholas Pinnock plays the lead character, Derek, who grapples with internal and external obstacles, questioning his readiness for the impending fight. As his team works to boost his confidence, Derek realizes he must confront his own struggles to succeed.

Co-produced by Blackwater Pictures and Silver Milk Productions, with full financing by Blackwater, the film marks Christopher M. Anthony’s directorial debut. Anthony, a seasoned filmmaker with over two decades of experience, comments that “Heavyweight” has been a long-time passion project, born during the pandemic.

The production team includes Chas Appeti as the Director of Photography, Aimee Meek as the Production Designer, Lauren Miller as the Costume Designer, and casting by Harkin & Toth Casting.

Christopher M. Anthony reflects on the film, stating, “I believe ‘Heavyweight’ is a film that will resonate emotionally with audiences. The ensemble cast approached rehearsals with a focus on the nuanced subtext of the story. ‘Heavyweight’ exists within a very real world.”

As filming progresses in London, “Heavyweight” promises to deliver a straightforward yet compelling narrative that addresses the challenges faced by its characters. Stay tuned for updates on this noteworthy film.

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