Niles Fitch Makes History as Disney’s First Black, Live Action Prince

niles fitch Disney's first black
It’s 2020 and black people are still out here making history…on things they should’ve already made history on.

The latest actor to make history is Niles Fitch. Fitch is making history as Disney’s first black, live action prince. Fitch will star in the Disney+ sci-fi film, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals as Prince Tuma.

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Secret Society of Second-Born Royals tells the story of Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), a rebellious teen living in the kingdom of Illyria. She is second in line for the throne after her older sister, Princess Eleanor (Ashley Liao).

Being a second-born royal means that Sam has superpowers and finds herself grouped together with other young people who possess special gifts. Together they work to keep the world safe. The new class of royal recruits must first learn to harness their powers at a top-secret training camp before they can save the world, according to an official press release for the film.

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Disney’s first black, live action prince, Prince Tuma ’s superhuman ability is astounding. However, his self-centered nature requires a much-needed lesson in empathy.

Also starring in the film alongside Fitch are Olivia Deeble and Isabella Blake-Thomas.

Fitch, who plays a young version of Sterling K. Brown’s character on the popular NBC series, This Is Us, announced the news on his Instagram.

“Welcome Disney’s first Black prince,” Niles said in the caption of his IG post that featured an article from in Entertainment Weekly regarding the film.

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is scheduled to stream this summer on Disney +.

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