RATED B INTERVIEW: Ian Foreman Speaks on Showtime Series Let The Right One In

Interview with Ian foreman

Allow us to introduce you to Ian Foreman, the young star in the new Showtime series Let The Right One In.

Inspired by the original best-selling Swedish novel and film, the series centers on a forever 12-year-old Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez) who lives a closed-in life after being turned into a vampire 10 years prior. Her father, Mark (Oscar nominee Demián Bichir), does his best to provide her with the human blood she needs to stay alive while also desperately searching to find a cure.

Foreman portrays Isaiah in the series. He lives next door to Eleanor with his mother, Homicide Detective Naomi Cole (Tony Award winner Anika Noni Rose). Isaiah is a quiet, sensitive, and small for his age kid, who is a magician in the making and an easy target for bullies at school. He finds a true friend in Eleanor but has no idea the threat she poses.

Ian Foreman is a full-of-life, articulate young actor, who while still a newbie in the industry has undeniable talent on-screen. And while this may be his biggest role to date, it is just the beginning and a glimpse of how far his career will go.

We got a chance to speak to him about how his life has changed since booking his first series role, portraying Isaiah in the show, bullying, and working with Anika Noni Rose.

Let The Right One In Streams Fridays on Showtime, watch the full interview below.

Trailer for Let The Right One In:


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