Roadside Attractions Acquires Titus Kaphar’s “Exhibiting Forgiveness” — Sets Fall Theatrical Release


Roadside Attractions has secured the distribution rights for Titus Kaphar’s film “Exhibiting Forgiveness,” following its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The acquisition is a significant milestone for Kaphar, marking his directorial debut and setting the stage for a fall release aimed at the awards season.

“Exhibiting Forgiveness” features a talented cast including André Holland as Tarrell Rodin with Ian Foreman portrayign a young Tarrell, John Earl Jelks as La’Ron, Andra Day as Aisha, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor as Joyce, and Jermaine Howard as Jermaine. The film centers on Tarrell Rodin, a renowned American painter whose life and artistry intersect with themes of family reconciliation and personal redemption.

Directed by Titus Kaphar, the film showcases his unique vision and storytelling approach. Kaphar is known for his groundbreaking artwork that challenges societal norms, and “Exhibiting Forgiveness” extends his exploration of complex human experiences onto the cinematic canvas.

The production team behind “Exhibiting Forgiveness” includes Stephanie Allain, Derek Cianfrance, Jamie Patricof, and Sean Cotton as producers. Rachel Halilej, Natalie Renee, and Michael VQ served as co-producers. The film’s cinematography is by Lachlan Milne, edited by Ron Patane, and features music by Jherek Bischoff.

Roadside Attractions co-presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d’Arbeloff commended Kaphar’s artistic vision and the performances of the cast, anticipating a strong resonance with audiences. The film delves into complex emotional terrain, exploring the intricacies of forgiveness and familial bonds against the backdrop of Tarrell’s artistic journey.

As “Exhibiting Forgiveness” prepares for its nationwide release, it stands as a testament to the power of cinema in exploring complex human experiences. Through Kaphar’s directorial lens and the performances of a talented ensemble, the film promises a compelling exploration of forgiveness, personal growth, and the enduring impact of family dynamics.

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