Rob Morgan Inks Role in College Football Movie ‘Signing Day’

signing day movie

Rob Morgan joins the cast of “Signing Day,” a college football feature directed by Glen Owen. The film, also starring Michael Mosley and Mira Sorvino, is a dramatic comedy that highlights the pivotal National Signing Day for high school football players seeking college scholarships.

The narrative centers around Walt McFadden, an ambitious football coach portrayed by Rob Morgan, who is determined to sign the nation’s top defensive end, Tony Raymond. McFadden’s journey takes him to a small Alabama town, marked by fierce competition from rival recruiters. As the plot unfolds, McFadden finds himself entangled in the comedic misadventures of Tony’s dysfunctional family.

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The film explores the impact of NIL (name, image, likeness) deals on teens, turning them into instant celebrity millionaires. It also delves into the aspirations of college sports fans, hoping young recruits will lead their teams to national championship games.

“Signing Day” examines the popularity of National Signing Day, with 165 million US residents identifying as college football fans. In 2022, Power Five college football conferences generated over $3.3 billion, surpassing basketball and baseball combined. The SEC, with 54 million avid fans, leads all major conferences.

Produced by Glen Owen, Don Mandrik, John Thomas, and Kristy Clabaugh, the film proudly emphasizes its Georgia roots. The entire creative process, including writing, development, and production, occurred in the state. Financed by Georgia-based investors, including NFL Hall of Famer Champ Bailey, the film aims to spotlight Georgia’s creative talent.

Don Mandrik, a Georgia production and entertainment finance veteran, sees “Signing Day” as a unique project developed entirely in the state. He hopes it will pave the way for more films showcasing Georgia’s pool of talented writers, directors, and producers.

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