Sinqua Walls Joins Alice Thriller Alongside Common and Keke Palmer

Sinqua Walls Joins Alice Thriller Alongside Common and Keke Palmer
Just yesterday we shared news that Common is starring in the Alice thriller alongside Keke Palmer and today we’re sharing that Sinqua Walls joins Alice thriller as well.

Alice is based on a couple of different real events that happened in Georgia in the 1960s inspired Alice. However, the specifics of the individuals have changed. The film tells of a slave in the antebellum South. She escapes from her 55-acre secluded plantation in the 1800s only to discover a shocking reality that lies beyond the tree line. She finds it is 1973.⁠

Walls will play Joseph a slave and Alice’s husband who live on Master Paul Bennet’s (Jonny Lee Miller) plantation as they plot their escape to freedom after jumping the broom.

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Krystin Ver Linden is making her directorial debut with Alice. Palmer is serving as executive producer of the picture alongside Jose Agustin Valdes and Luisa Fernanda Espinosa of Steel Springs Pictures. Peter Lawson will also produce the film for Stampede.⁠

“Common and Jonny are the perfect addition to our cast on this very special film. Common just brings so much emotional depth to his character. And Jonny is such a standout performer with the intensity he delivers. With both on board, we have no doubt the chemistry between our cast will resonate with audiences around the world,” said Lawson.

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Steel Springs is fully financing and will commence production this August in Georgia.

As of now you can see Walls as Soul Train legend Don Cornelius in BET’s American Soul.

Sinqua Walls joins Alice thriller was first read on Deadline.

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