Ahead of Season 4, ‘Slow Horses’ Secures Fifth Season Renewal

slow horses season 5

The popular Apple TV+ series “Slow Horses” has been officially renewed for a fifth season, setting the stage for more espionage drama and intrigue. The news follows the conclusion of Season 3 in December and ahead of the upcoming Season 4.

The renewal also noted the return of series lead Gary Oldman, who earned a Golden Globe nod for his role as the irascible spook Jackson Lamb. Oldman will be joined by co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas (Diana Taverner), Jack Lowden (River Cartwright), and Christopher Chung (Roddy Ho).

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The logline for Season 5 reads: “Everyone is suspicious when resident tech nerd Roddy Ho has a glamorous new girlfriend, but when a series of increasingly bizarre events occur across the city, it falls to the Slow Horses to work out how everything is connected. After all, Jackson Lamb knows that in the world of espionage, ‘London Rules’ should always apply.”

The renewal marks the first major announcement in 2024 and comes shortly after the conclusion of Season 3. The series, based on Mick Herron’s Slough House novel series, has gained significant popularity since its premiere in 2022, becoming one of Apple TV+’s flagship shows.

“Slow Horses” follows a team of disgraced MI5 agents, led by the disheveled and flatulent Jackson Lamb, tasked with seemingly menial work but consistently finding themselves embroiled in major conspiracies. The dysfunctional team, affectionately known as Slow Horses, manages to navigate the world of espionage with a unique blend of comedy and tension.

The fifth season will draw inspiration from Herron’s novel “London Rules.” The director for Season 5 is yet to be confirmed.

With Season 4 expected to debut in Fall 2024, the subsequent Season 5 is slated for 2025, promising a seamless continuation of the thrilling narrative that has made “Slow Horses” a standout success on Apple TV+.

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