All The Stars We Lost From the Friday Franchise

Rest in peace to all the stars from the Friday Franchise.

Last week, we unexpectedly said goodbye to Tommy Tiny Lister Jr. The pro-wrestler-turned-actor, Lister accumulated over 200 acting credits with his most recent role in the 2019 sequel, ‘I Got The Hook Up 2.

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Yet his most notable role is in the 1993 film Friday. His role as bully Deebo left us laughing and quoting his lines to this day, ensuring that he and his talents will always be remembered.

He is the most recent actor we lost from the Friday Franchise but he isn’t the only one. Check out all the stars from the Friday Franchise that have passed away.


Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr.

Lister starred in Friday and Next Friday as Deebo, the neighborhood bully. The actor passed away Dec 10, 2020. The coroner’s office is investigating his cause of death, which appeared natural. He was 62 years old.




Yvette Wilson

The Moesha alum starred in ‘Friday’ as Rita. While her role was minor the impact of her role was legendary. Wilson passed away on June 14, 2012 from a battle with cervical cancer.



Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson, also known as A.J. Johnson, was an iconic cast member of the original Friday as Ezal. He passed away in September of 2021.



Bernie Mac

Mac starred in Friday as Pastor Clever. Unbeknowst to many the legendary comedian suffered from sarcoidosis. In 2008, Mac was admitted to the hospital and after a week of unsuccessful medical treatment, Mac went into cardiac arrest. He ultimately passed Aug 9, 2008; from complications of pneumonia.




John Witherspoon

Warmly known as Pops in various series and movies, Witherspoon starred in the entire Friday Franchise as Craig’s father Willie Jones. He died of a heart attack on October 29, 2019. He was 77 years old.




Michael Clarke Duncan

Clarke Duncan had a small, role in Friday. And while his career would grow greater than his dice game role in the Friday Franchise, we still remember his reaction to Deebo’s actions. On September 3, Duncan died in Los Angeles from complications from a heart attack; he was 54.




LaWanda Page

Page opened up Friday as one of Jehovah’s witnesses. Page died of complications from diabetes on September 14, 2002, at age 81.



Reynaldo Ray

Rey was a veteran comedian and lent his comedy skills to the film as Red’s father who tried to help his son get his bike back from Deebo. Reynaldo Rey passed away at the age of 75 in May of 2015 from complications of a stroke he had in 2014.

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Justin Pierce

Pierce starred as Roach in Next Friday. He died by suicide on July 10, 2000. He was 25 years old.


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