Taral Hicks Talks Iconic Roles in ‘A Bronx Tale’ and ‘Belly’ on Milestone Anniversaries [INTERVIEW]


Written and Interviewed by Sharifa Daniels

It’s not every day that I find myself geeking out over celebrities. I’ve always looked at “celebrity” status as a by product of doing their jobs/what they love. But there are certain individuals who have left an indelible mark on my cultural upbringing. Taral Hicks is undeniably one of those people as she graced the screen, etching unforgettable characters into our hearts as Kisha in “Belly” and Jane in “A Bronx Tale.”

This year is a monumental juncture in Taral Hicks’ journey as both an actress and a singer. She’s celebrating not one, but two significant milestones tied to these iconic films. In fact, it’s a trifecta of anniversaries we’re marking – the 30th anniversary of “A Bronx Tale,” the 25th anniversary of “Belly,” and the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Taral, still looking as if she portrayed these characters recently, played a pivotal role as the beautiful brown-skinned leading lady in both of these cinematic gems, and it was only fitting that we sit down for a conversation.

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Having had the privilege of speaking with Taral, I can assure you that, despite the butterflies fluttering within me, it was an honor beyond measure. You see, many people spend a lifetime striving to leave a lasting legacy, but Taral achieved this feat early on, leaving an indelible mark, variously in the upbringing of viewers everywhere. And those characters continue to stay relevant, constantly being the topic of songs, conversations, and even weddings *Ahem* Meghan Markle. Girl aspired both Kisha and Jane… who could forget that iconic door-opening scene as Jane? One remarkable actress embodied both these characters, and that actress is Taral Hicks.

So press play as we delve into Taral’s experiences, including her recollections of working alongside Robert De Niro, a moment she candidly admits she didn’t initially realize he was that famous. We also explore which character she feels least resembles her true self and unveil a surprising tidbit about a scene that wasn’t even hers.

Press play to watch the full interview below, and if you haven’t already, make sure to follow Taral Hicks on her ongoing journey as she continues to act and sing.



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