Teyonah Parris Joins Cast of Netflix’s Dark Comedy “No Good Deed”

teyonah parris no good deed

Teyonah Parris is set to join the cast of Netflix’s upcoming dark comedy series, “No Good Deed,” created and executive produced by Liz Feldman.

Parris, who recently starred in ‘Dashing Through The Snow, ‘The Marvels,’ and ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ will share the screen with Linda Cardellini, Luke Wilson, Abbi Jacobson, Poppy Liu. As well as the previously cast Ray Romano and Lisa Kudrow.

The narrative of “No Good Deed” revolves around three diverse families vying for ownership of a 1920s Spanish-style villa, convinced that it holds the key to resolving their respective challenges. As the plot unfolds, it becomes apparent that the dream home they desire may turn out to be a nightmare, echoing the experiences of the previous owners.

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Teyonah Parris steps into the character of Carla, a high-achieving and somewhat sardonic architect who, along with her new husband Dennis, is in search of the perfect home for their expanding family. Carla’s attraction to the Morgan house takes a complicated turn when impending financial stress exposes vulnerabilities in her seemingly perfect marriage.

Parris steps into the character of Carla, a high-achieving and sardonic architect, expecting her first child with new husband Dennis. As the couple searches for the perfect home, financial stress exposes cracks in their seemingly ideal marriage, adding complexity to Carla’s character.

Linda Cardellini portrays Margo Starling, a meticulously groomed status seeker with buried secrets. Margo’s goal is clear—to acquire the in-demand Morgan house for a profitable flip alongside her lover, a high-end developer.

Wilson takes on the role of JD Campbell, a depressed and out-of-work soap opera star desperate for his next gig. Balancing the need to downsize from his modern McMansion while maintaining his lavish lifestyle and demanding marriage, JD adds a layer of humor and pathos to the series.

Abbi Jacobson’s character, Leslie Fisher, is clever, curious, and fiercely competitive. Thrilled at the prospect of the Los Feliz home coming on the market, Leslie’s determination sets the stage for intriguing dynamics within the narrative.

Poppy Liu portrays Sarah, a soulful and grounded individual who serves as a moral compass to her wife Leslie (Jacobson). Intrigued by the Morgan house, Sarah grapples with deep reservations, introducing a layer of mystery to her character.

Romano embodies Paul Morgan, the stressed and flat-broke contractor desperate to retire, pay off debts, and escape Los Angeles. Selling the Los Feliz home becomes Paul’s solution, but past mistakes continue to haunt him.

Kudrow takes on the role of Lydia, Paul’s wife and a highly talented former concert pianist. Devoted to her husband, Lydia faces the emotional turmoil of selling their Los Feliz home, a place filled with both happy memories and dark secrets.

No Good Deed will consist of eight half-hour episodes. It will be directed by Silver Tree, with Feldman as the showrunner. Will Ferrell and Jessica Elbaum from Gloria Sanchez Productions are also executive producing.

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