RonReaco Lee, Richard Lawson Among 8 to Join Cast of ‘The Black Hamptons’ Season 2 [TRAILER]

the black hamptons season 2

“Carl Weber’s The Black Hamptons” is set to grace screens once again for its highly anticipated second season. Initially announced as a mini-series, the show, despite a brief moment of confusion, is making a comeback with a bang. The upcoming season is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, Dec. 7, exclusively on BET+, with weekly episodes.

The Black Hamptons season 2 is introducing ten new cast members to the ensemble. RonReaco Lee, Richard Lawson, Steven Williams, Flex Alexander, and Blue Kimble are set to join the talented cast, adding new layers to the storyline.

In season The Black Hamptons season 2, The Brittons and the Johnsons are back and the feuds are bigger than ever as they realize that the confusion amongst themselves is just the tip of the iceberg. A new threat looms over the Black Hamptons that could destroy everything they have built.

Based on the best-selling book by Carl Weber, the series delves into the glamorous lives of Sag Harbor’s Black elite. Season 2 will see familiar faces reprising their roles, including Lamman Rucker, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Elise Neal, Brian White, KaRon Joseph Riley, Mike Merrill, and Angela “Blac Chyna” White.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque town of Sag Harbor, known as “The Black Hamptons,” on Long Island, New York, the show explores the intricate dynamics between the ‘Brittons’ and the ‘Johnsons.’ The brewing feud unravels the stark differences between old and new money, offering viewers a glimpse into the glitz and gloss of the Black elite while exposing the underbelly of wealth and prestige. Legacy families, friends, wannabes, and ambitious developers ensure that drama is never too far behind.

Horace Dodd, Niki S. Taylor, Thomas Calabro, Jessica Obilom, and Vincent Ward round out the cast of newcomers. Check out the trailer below and be sure to tune in Dec. 7th on BET+

RonReaco Lee joins as middleweight boxing champion Bobby “The Beast” Boyd. Lawson as Britton family patriarch Moses Britton and Steven Williams as billionaire Alexander Cora. Kimble will star as Carolyn Britton’s (Bell Calloway) attorney Christopher who was hired to keep her husband Moses in prison.

You will see Horace Dodd as Alexander’s son Aries Cora and Taylor as Alyssa, an infamous chef and Vanessa Britton’s sister. Thomas Calabro joins as Eli Bradshaw, a real estate mogul looking to take over the Black Hamptons with Flex Alexander as Lojack aka Devin, an informant who helps his cousin Michael Donovan with much-needed intel for Sydney Tech. Rounding out the final two, Jessica Obilom stars as as Adora, a famous artist; and Vincent Ward as Cornelius, Bobby Boyd’s manager and right-hand man.

As for the initial confusion, the show’s creator Weber cleared it up in an open-letter on Facebook stating the show “was a mini-series that was always intended to become a regular series for BET+. However, after the disastrous ratings of another black beach community show the network did have some reservations which I’m proud to say you folks blew away. BET+ has never had a show this popular.”

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