‘The Motherlode” Audible Originals Highlights and Educates About the Women Who Played a Pivotal Role in Hip Hop

The Motherlode

“The Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip Hop” has made its debut on Audible today, August 10, 2023. This release is part of Audible’s new collection of Audible Originals, specially curated to celebrate the momentous 50th anniversary of hip-hop this month. These fresh Audible Originals are designed to honor and amplify the trailblazing history, innovation, and creativity of the artists, albums, and moments that have shaped the hip-hop genre.

“The Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip Hop” centers on the women have played a pivotal role in shaping hip-hop since its inception in 1973. They have ignited significant discussions about Black femininity and identity in the United States, fundamentally altering culture. “The Motherlode” embarks on a captivating journey through hip-hop, narrated by the voices of the women who birthed the genre and continue to drive it to new heights. This narrative presents the complete story of hip-hop from a woman’s perspective. The audiobook is narrated by Clover Hope, the author and music journalist behind “The Motherlode,” along with a select group of influential women in the entertainment industry. The audiobook goes beyond conventional boundaries, incorporating a short fictional narrative that interweaves throughout the chapters, enhanced by archival material and music snippets that vividly bring the past fifty years of hip-hop to life.”

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Rachel Ghiazza, Audible’s EVP and Head of US Content, expressed, “Hip-hop has undeniably left an indelible mark on music and culture since its inception. It spans from the emergence of DJs to groundbreaking advancements in creative expression such as sampling, dance styles, fashion, audio technology, and more. Audible takes pride in commemorating this extraordinary cultural influence with our lineup of new Originals, which both elevate and celebrate the 50-year journey of this iconic genre.”

Aside from “The Motherlode,” other recently launched Audible Originals include “Words + Music: From the Streets, to the Suites by Snoop Dogg,” “The Greatest Day: The Epic Story Behind Hip-Hop’s Most Iconic Photograph,” “Words + Music: yasiin bey: A Dynamic Career in Communications,” and “DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Podcast,” along with “Can You Dig It?” and “Words + Music: Lil’ Kim (working title).” All of these are part of the new slate of originals for the 50th Hip Hop anniversary are which currently lacks a release date.

These fresh projects dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop will join a series of exceptional Audible Originals, including recent releases like Chuck D’s “Songs That Shook the Planet,” Tariq Trotter’s “7 Years,” Sophia Chang’s “Baddest Bitch in the Room,” Common’s “Bluebird Memories: A Journey Through Lyrics & Life,” and “Origins,” featuring eight pioneering artists narrating their roots through spoken narrative, musical performance, and immersive sound design. Maejor’s “Maejor Frequency” also joins the lineup, among many other offerings.

For more details about Audible’s lineup of programs commemorating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, you can visit audible.com/50AndForever.

For more information on the other originals keep scrolling below.

Words + Music: From the Streets, to the Suites by Snoop Dogg
In this installment of Words + Music, launching during the 30th anniversary year of Doggystyle, Snoop Dogg reflects on his coming-of-age journey from the streets of Long Beach to around the world and his decision to pursue love and life over death and destruction. From singing in the church choir as a boy to meeting Dr. Dre and eventually buying Death Row Records, this is the evolution of Snoop Dogg from his point of view – a vulnerable exploration into the mind of a true hip-hop icon. Written and performed by Snoop Dogg with direction from Angie Martinez and produced in conjunction with The SpringHill Company, listeners will experience Snoop’s unique style of storytelling while vibing to original live performances of classics from throughout his career, accompanied by the band 1500 or Nothin’. Songs performed include Nuthin But a G Thang, Gin and Juice, Beautiful, Drop It Like It’s Hot, and more as the legendary rapper takes us on a heartfelt and inspirational ride.

The Greatest Day: The Epic Story Behind Hip-Hop’s Most Iconic Photograph
Based on the RESPECT. magazine essay, The Game Changer, by Sheena Lester; Narrated by Sheena Lester. In 1998, XXL Editor-in-Chief Sheena Lester and the magazine’s staff set out to create a hip-hop remake of Art Kane’s legendary 1958 Esquire magazine photoshoot, known as A Great Day In Harlem. Kane’s image featured 57 of the greatest jazz musicians of the time gathered around the stoop at 17 West 126th street in Harlem. That image remains one of the greatest moments in jazz music history, and the talented team at XXL were looking to pull off the same for hip-hop at the very same place consecrated by jazz 40 years prior. This five-part series features first-hand accounts from many of those involved in this wildly ambitious—borderline impossible—idea, including former XXL staff members and a range of artists, journalists, photographers and cultural luminaries. With the venerable Gordon Parks recruited to be behind the lens and 177 rappers in front of it, what they ultimately achieved—the photograph known as A Great Day In Hip-Hop—is among the most monumental artifacts in hip-hop history. This year marks the 25th anniversary of that once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and for those who assembled it remains “The Greatest Day.” The immersive series is produced by Mercury Studios and Fresh Produce Media.

Words + Music: yasiin bey: A Dynamic Career in Communications
In his Words + Music installment: yasiin bey: A Dynamic Career in Communication, yasiin bey takes listeners on a journey touching on his Brooklyn origins, faith and spirituality, as well as his creative inspirations and influences. Featuring original performances and remixes from his revered catalog like Priority, Revelations, and Hip Hop, this offering hopes to provide insight and motivation to the millions of people that have shared in yasiin’s incredible career.

DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Podcast
Before rap was played on the radio, mixtapes were the genre’s main form of distribution. In 1996, a young DJ Drama released his first mixtape—Iladelph featuring Black Thought of the Roots. Over the next 25 years, the now Grammy-winning hip-hop producer, record executive, and tastemaker earned himself the title, “King of the Mixtape,” and released a series of mixtapes that shook up the music industry and featured many of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. From Kenya Barris’ Khalabo Ink Society, each episode of the Audible Original will feature DJ Drama and a legendary guest artist (from Lil Wayne to Tyler, The Creator and more) discussing the mixtape in Drama’s revered series that they produced together – from its inception, to its production, to its lasting impact. DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Podcast will be a must-listen podcast for any fan of hip-hop and modern music.

Can You Dig It?
Join Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Chuck D as he delves into the origins of global hip-hop culture. Creatively told through immersive scripted recreations and observational commentary, Can You Dig It? takes us on a journey back to the historic Hoe Avenue Gang Peace Treaty of 1971 in the South Bronx. This docu/drama is inspired by true events that helped spark the largest youth movement to impact global culture. Distinguished luminaries, prominent cultural figures, and exclusive discussions explore this rarely told story of how a heroic effort to broker peace in the Bronx set the stage for the emergence of hip-hop culture.

Words + Music: Lil’ Kim (working title)
Brooklyn-born Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum recording artist and iconic female rapper Lil’ Kim, also known as “The Queen Bee,” has been a foundational figure in the evolution of hip-hop for over 20 years. Since her debut album Hard Core, Lil’ Kim’s undeniable legacy continues to play a pivotal role in contemporary hip-hop music today. Produced by Raedio, this legendary edition of Words + Music is one you won’t want to miss.

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